101 Dalmatians was last released in theaters on July 12, 1991 (the same day when Robin Hood was re-released on VHS back then). The VHS began printing copies in January 1992, and hit stores starting on April 10, 1992. Sales of this video lasted through April 30, 1993.


A loveable litter of puppies, an enchanting London setting and animation’s most flamboyant villainess all add up to 101 Dalmatians, one of Disney’s all-time greatest classics! The fun starts the moment Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita settle into their owners’ flat to become proud parents of 15 precocious pups. It’s one big happy dog family – until the outrageous Cruella De Vil kidnaps the puppies, along with every other Dalmatian in the city! Now it’s up to Pongo and Perdita, using the magic of "the twilight bark," to unite the entire animal population in a thrilling mission to help the courageous pups outsmart their evil captor. Bring home all 101 Dalmatians and rediscover the excitement, the love and the laughter, and the laughter of this timeless Disney treasure!

VHS Supplements

Video Creation date
1 Green warning screens September 1991
2 Sneak preview #1 for Aladdin January 1992
3 Feature Presentation Q4 1991
4 Walt Disney Classics logo January 1992
6 101 Dalmatians (restored verison) July 1991
7 Video preview of The Great Mouse Detective January 1992
8 Video preview of Beauty and the Beast January 1992

The earliest copies of 101 Dalmatians do not have the previews for Aladdin, The Great Mouse Detective and Beauty and the Beast, and the Walt Disney Classics logo is different.

Advertised on:

  1. Beauty and the Beast (October 30, 1992)

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
Japan October 6, 1995
South Korea January 15, 1996
UK August 1996
USA (Spanish dub) November 26, 1996

Internationally (outside of North America), 101 Dalmatians was last re-released in theaters in Spring 1995, one year after The Aristocats.

Television broadcasts

101 Dalmatians premiered on the Disney Channel on April 17, 1993. It aired frequently until July.



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