A Bird in the Hoof is the 22nd episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Without asking permission, Fluttershy borrows the Princess's sick bird in order to heal it, and the ponies must work together to get it back before she notices.


The premise of A Bird in the Hoof was written on January 27, 2010. Charlotte Fullerton wrote the outline from February 12 through March 8, 2010, then the first full script from March 11 through April 13, with revisions made from April 15–20. Originally, Princess Celestia's pet phoenix was named "Phoebe", until it was changed to Philomena, before voice recording began on May 21, 2010.

Storyboarding began on June 7, 2010, and the completed animatic was submitted for review on August 31, 2010.

The client cut was submitted for review on December 8, 2010.

The musical score was added to the episode on January 19, 2011.

Production was officially complete on February 17, 2011.


This episode features the following characters:

03 - Fluttershy.png
01 - Twilight Sparkle.png
Twilight Sparkle
02 - Pinkie Pie.png
Pinkie Pie
04 - Rainbow Dash.png
Rainbow Dash
05 - Rarity.png
06 - Applejack.png
11 - Princess Celestia.png
Princess Celestia

Home media

DVDs with this episode:

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Season One
(December 4, 2012)


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