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A Canterlot Wedding is the two-part finale for Season 2 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

These episodes last aired on Discovery Family on April 6, 2021 at 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., four days before the premiere of the remaining 14 episodes of My Little Pony: Pony Life.


Part 1: Twilight is confused by her conflicting feelings when she finds out her brother Shining Armor is marrying Celestia's niece Mi Amore.

Part 2: Twilight saves her brother and all of ponykind by freeing the real Mi Amore and defeating Queen Chrysalis, a changeling that had assumed Mi Amore's appearance in an attempt to take over Equestria.


Development of A Canterlot Wedding dates back to November 2, 2010. Originally, Twilight's brother was named "Fire Ball", and his future wife was named "Ultra Violet". Only 2 days later, on November 4, the episode was rejected.

A new premise of this episode was submitted on January 19, 2011, before it became #223 in the episode list on January 24.

The episode officially became a two-part story on February 14, 2011, while Magic Duel was put on hiatus. As of then, the order of all Season 2 episodes was finalized.

Meghan McCarthy wrote the full outline from February 18 through March 30, 2011, then the first full script for both episodes from April 21 through May 10 for part 1 and May 12 for part 2. Revisions were made to the script from May 26 through June 14, before voice recording began shortly afterwards.

The BBBFF Song was first composed and performed on June 9, 2011, and was remixed on July 18.

This Day Aria was first performed on as a piano demo on June 10, 2011, then as a full demo on July 5, and a mixed version on August 12.

The first lyrics for Love is in Bloom were written on June 7, 2011. The song was first composed and performed as a piano demo on July 18, 2011, then as a mixed version on September 22. All songs were finalized on October 14, 2011.

The completed animatic for this episode was submitted for review on September 7, 2011, followed by part 2 on September 14.

A rough cut of the animated part 1 was submitted for review on January 20, 2012, then part 2 on January 25.

Production for part 1 was officially complete on March 19, 2012, while part 2 was done on March 23.


This episode features the following characters:

Main characters
01 - Twilight Sparkle.png
Twilight Sparkle
02 - Pinkie Pie.png
Pinkie Pie
03 - Fluttershy.png
04 - Rainbow Dash.png
Rainbow Dash
05 - Rarity.png
06 - Applejack.png
Other characters
14 - Shining Armor.png
Shining Armor
13 - Princess Cadance.png
Princess Cadance
34 - Queen Chrysalis.png
Queen Chrysalis
07 - Spike.png

Home media

DVDs with this episode:

Mylittlepony vol2.jpg
Royal Pony Wedding
(August 7, 2012)
Mylittlepony season2.jpg
Season Two
(May 14, 2013)




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