When it premiered as part of NBC's Saturday morning lineup in the Fall of 1990, The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 helped catapult the record-breaking game it was based on into video game history.

After sending the infamous King Koopa into the Banishment Zone, the heroic plumbers, Mario and Luigi, finally make it home to Brooklyn. But just when the Mushroom People think they're safe, Koopa escapes and brings with him seven of the most vile creatures the world has ever known, the Koopa Kids!

Now only the Super Mario Bros. can rid the Mushroom Kingdom of Koopa and his deviant minions...or can they?


Disc 1

  • Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas/Reptiles In the Rose Garden
  • Reign Storm/Toddler Terrors Of Time Travel
  • Mind Your Mummy Mommy, Mario/The Beauty Of Kootie
  • A Toadally Magical Adventure/Misadventures In Babysitting
  • Oh, Brother!/Misadventure Of Mighty Plumber
  • Princess Toadstool For President/Never Koop A Koopa
  • Dadzilla/Tag Team Trouble

Disc 2

  • Do The Koopa/Kootie Pie Rocks
  • Crimes R Us/Life's Ruff
  • Up, Up And A Koopa/7 Continents For 7 Koopas
  • Mush-Rumors/The Ugly Mermaid
  • True Colors/Recycled Koopa
  • The Venice Menace/Super Koopa

Special Features (Disc 3)

  • Interactive Series Writers Bible
    • The Back Story
    • The Series
    • The Characters
      • Mario
      • Luigi
      • Princess Toadstool
      • Toad
      • King Koopa
    • The Worlds
    • The Music


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