Alice in Wonderland was the third of five Disney animated features released on VHS and Betamax tapes during the early 1980s. Originally released for rental only in 1981, the video was later released for sale in November 1982.

Along with fellow film Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland was ported over to the Walt Disney Classics in late 1985, but wasn't released until 1986.


Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Walt Disney's brilliant concoction of fantasy and music. Here's Lewis Carroll's immortal masterpiece interpreted in wondrous color and ingenious animation. Enjoy once again the many unforgettable characters Alice meets on her extraordinary adventure.

VHS Supplements

1 2
BVWD For Sale Only Not Intended For Rental Screen BVWD FBI Warning Screen 1a
3 4
Disney Blue Warning (1979) Remake Walt Disney Home Entertainment (1978)

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