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On July 13, 1999, Alice in Wonderland's 1999 re-issue on video was one of the last official releases within the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection, along with Robin Hood, although it was originally planned to be released on October 14, 1997, according to the 1997 VHS of Sleeping Beauty, but it was delayed to July 13, 1999. During that time, this film had a remaining copyright term of 47 years from publication, two years more than it had back when it was released on VHS in 1981.

The film got a VHS re-print and its first official DVD on July 4, 2000 as part of the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection.


In the hands of Disney’s extraordinary animation artists, Lewis Carroll's immortal literary classic comes to life as never before!

The surprises begin when a daydreaming Alice encounters a White Rabbit who is frantically running late. She chases him and falls into a magical, madcap world of Wonderland with its kaleidoscope of off-the-wall characters – including Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the Cheshire Cat, and the manic Mad Hatter and March Hare, who invite her to a memorable tea party! The crowning confrontation begins when Alice meets the notorious Queen of Hearts and her enchanted deck of playing cards. Tricked into a curious game of croquet, Alice, and her patience, end up on trial. Is there no escape from this whimsical escapade? Filled with fantasy and topsy-turvy fun, "Alice in Wonderland" is teeming with spectacular songs and astounding animation in the highest Disney tradition!


1999 VHS

Video Creation date Announcer
1 Green warning screens (1997-2000) October 21, 1997
2 Walt Disney Home Video logo (1992-2001) March 5, 1992
3 "Coming Soon to Own on Videocassette" (1998-2000) August 4, 1998 Brian Cummings
4 Trailer for Madeline: Lost in Paris (Version 2) May 25, 1999 Kath Soucie
5 Video preview for The Great Mouse Detective July 13, 1999 Brian Cummings
6 Trailer for Beauty and the Beast: Tales of Friendship July 13, 1999 Mark Elliott
7 Trailer for Hercules: Zero to Hero July 13, 1999 Mark Elliott
8 "Feature Presentation" (1992-1999) April 10, 1992 Mark Elliott
9 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo (1994-1999) October 28, 1994
10 Alice in Wonderland (restored version) July 13, 1999

2000 VHS

Video Creation date Announcer
1 Blue warning screens (VHS) May 30, 2000
2 Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection logo May 2, 2000
3 "Coming Soon to Own on Video & DVD" Bumper December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
4 Video preview for The Tigger Movie May 2, 2000 Michael Bell
5 Trailer for The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea July 4, 2000 Mark Elliott
6 Promo for the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection July 4, 2000 Unidentifiable
7 Join Us After the Feature (Operation Wonderland) July 4, 2000 Brian Cummings
8 Feature Presentation December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
9 Alice in Wonderland (restored version) July 13, 1999

2000 DVD

Bonus material

  • Alice In Wonderland DVD Storybook
  • Alice In Wonderland Trivia Game
  • "Operation Wonderland" Featurette
  • "The Unbirthday Song" Sing-Along
  • "All In The Golden Afternoon" Sing-Along
  • Theatrical Trailer

The 2002 DVD has somewhat different bonus features.

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
Japan August 21, 2002
South Korea June 19, 2003