The first season of All That premiered on Nickelodeon in late 1994 as a regular series. Unlike later seasons, this season did not make it to The N or The '90s are All That block on TeenNick, as this season was last broadcast on Nickelodeon in August 1996. Episodes aired every Saturday night at 8:30 PM.


  • Angelique Bates
  • Lori Beth Denberg
  • Katrina Johnson
  • Kel Mitchell
  • Alisa Reyes
  • Josh Server
  • Kenan Thompson


Episode No. Premiere date Synopsis
1 April 16, 1994 Pilot episode.
2 December 24, 1994 Cooking with Randy and Mandy (they teach us the wonders of chocolate); Earboy (he gets an earring): Hard of Earring; Doctor K Meets the "Coz;" Vital Information; Good Burger; Musical Guest Da Brat ("Fa All Of Ya'll").
3 January 7, 1995 Ready or Not, It's Ishboo (we meet Ishboo, a boy from a very foreign land); Vital Information; Lemonade Scammer; Superdude (saves the day and defeats Milkman); Mavis & Clavis Intro TLC; Musical Guest TLC ("Creep").
4 January 14, 1995 Jimmy Bond Agent 1/7; Good Burger Good Weenie; Vital Information; Kenan Thompson gives an audience member a new look; Musical Guest Immature ("Constantly").
5 January 21, 1995 TV or Not TV?; Randy & Mandy: Chocolator (they demonstrate their new invention the "chocolator"); Volleybull, Show & Tell ( a "spleen-derful" visit); The Allergy; Vital Information; Musical Guest Craig Mack ("Flava In Ya Ear").
6 January 28, 1995 Liver Let Die or Excuses; Ishboo School (he gives Ms. Fingerlily a lesson from his foriegn land); Vital Information; Earboy for President; French w/ Pierre Escargot; The Laf-a-teria; Musical Guest Brandy ("Baby").
7 February 4, 1995 Strife w/ Father, Mavis & Clavis: Diner Madness (they save the day with their rama lama from Alabama sandwich); Vital Information; Gordie: Oh Lordie...It's Gordie (Gordie gives Coach Kreeton a day to remember); I Love Alisa; Crayopola Boardroom; Musical Guest Aaliyah ("Age Ain't Nothing But a Number").
8 February 11, 1995 Good Burger: Good Burger Trainee; Vital Information; Prize Inside; The Vendor; Baggin' Saggin' Barry (uses his pants to save the day); Ed is struck by Cupid; Musical Guest Coolio ("Fantastic Voyage").
9 February 18, 1995 Picked Last; Superdude: Scary Dairy (Superdude defeats Milkman again in his dairy lair); Vital Information; What's in the Box; French w/ Pierre Escargot; Nightmare at Hooligans; Musical Guest Soul 4 Real ("Candy Rain").
10 February 25, 1995 The Tour; The Return of Randy & Mandy (the cooking show gets an unexpected visitor); Schoolastic Snacks; Stand Up w/ Arlene Loofa; Musical Guest Changing Faces ("Foolin' Around").
11 March 4, 1995 Blind Date w/ Ishboo; Vital Information; Driving Coach Kreeton (he gives a driving lesson and is driven crazy); Action League Now; Where's My Eraser?; Musical Guest Blackstreet ('Love's In Need").
12 March 11, 1995 Teenerific; When Earboy Met Sally; Vital Information; The Raffle; The Spelling Bee (The ultimate match-up between Ricki Maraschino vs. Othello Creed) Musical Guest Zhane ("Shame").
13 March 18, 1995 Mavis & Clavis: Scareplane; Vital Information; Mr. Hi-Tech; Roseanne Aerobics (Roseanne shows the aerobics class how to exercise with chicken wings); Lost & Found; Musical Guest Usher ("Thinking Of You").
14 April 1, 1995 Q & A; Good Burger: Good Burglar; Vital Information; Schmutz the Clown (visits Ms. Fingerly); Cereal Critics; French w/ Pierre Escargot; Musical Guest A Few Good Men ("Young Girl").
15 April 8, 1995 Surprise Marty; Urkel Holiday Hits (Urkel presents his holiday hits); Vital Information; Volleybull (Coach Kreeton gives a lesson on the rules of volleyball); Do You Do That At Home?; Action League Now; Musical Guest Aftermath (starring ALL THAT's Kel Mitchell raps "Chillin").

The first five episodes of All That reran from April 15 to May 13, 1995, followed by the 8th Annual Kids' Choice Awards on May 20, then the next eight episodes from May 27 to July 22, 1995. The show also did not air on July 29, August 26 or September 9, 1995.


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