The third season of All That premiered on Nickelodeon in 1996. For this season, episodes of the show were taped at Paramount Pictures rather than at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, Florida. Reruns of this season continued until 1999.


  • Amanda Bynes
  • Lori Beth Denberg
  • Katrina Johnson
  • Kel Mitchell
  • Alisa Reyes
  • Josh Server
  • Kenan Thompson


Episode No. Premiere date Synopsis
1 November 16, 1996 Randy's Auditions; Double Good Burger; The Gifted Class; Superdude flies in to introduce musical guest LL Cool J.
2 November 23, 1996 Superdude vs. Yogurl; Repairman in Space; Return of Show and Tell; Vital Information; Musical guest: Montell Jordan.
3 November 30, 1996 Good Burger Health Inspection; Randy & Andy; The Big Note; Musical guest: Immature.
4 December 7, 1996 Ishboo House Call; Island Girls; Mavis & Clavis Substitute; Musical guest: Dru Hill.
5 December 14, 1996 Good Customer; Ask Ashley; Class Cowboy; Musical guest: Blackstreet.
6 December 21, 1996 Ishboo Psychiatrist; Island Girls Meet Natives; Lemonade Scammer Scammer; Musical guest: A Tribe Called Quest.
7 December 28, 1996 Josh's New Persona; The Maroons; Good Burger - Good Party; Bradley the Big Ol' Baby; Peter & Flem introduce musical guest: 702.
8 January 4, 1997 Okrah Attack; The Geek Club; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Peter & Flem; Musical guest: Tony Toni Tone.
9 January 11, 1997 Randy and Farley; Vital Information; Chuckin' T-Maters; Guest star: Chris Farley; Musical guest: Mint Condition.
10 January 18, 1997 Earboy Bullies; Vital Information; Super Okrah; Haunted Hand; Musical guest: 112.
11 January 25, 1997 Feeling Weird; Good Good Good Good Burger; Vital Information; Island Girls Independence Day; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Guest star: Sherman Helmsly; Musical guest: Nas.
12 February 1, 1997 Space Sketch II; Vital Information; Earboy - The Mutations; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Audience Beach Ball; Guest star: John Leguizamo; Musical guest: Mona Lisa.
13 February 8, 1997 Repairman Al Dente; Vital Information; Loud Librarian; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Everything Sticky; Musical guest: Ray J.
14 September 13, 1997 Good Scratch and Win; Vital Information; Complaint Department; Coach Kreeton, Hall Monitor; Peter & Flem; Musical guest: Aaliyah.
15 September 20, 1997 Superdude's Evil Twin; Family vs. Family; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; What's That, Fingerly?; Space Sketch Music Intro; Musical guest: AZ Yet.
16 September 27, 1997 Detective Dan; Vital Information; Lunch Lady; Everyday French with Pierre Escargot; Loud Librarian; Musical guest: For Real.
17 October 4, 1997 Okrah; Vital Information; Kids In Space III; Ask Ashley; Musical guest: Monica.
18 October 11, 1997 Cold Take Out Open: A delivery man brings the cast their lunches. Kel gets the wrong sandwich. Amanda gets golf balls. Alisa gets a fire hose. Tricia gets fried hair. Josh gets a foot. Kenan's lunch is almost perfect. You Can't Win: Game show host Jerry Fytootal has three new challengers--Antoine, Megan, and Shelley. Nobody wins but Antoine ends up dumping a bowl of pudding on Jerry's head; Vital Information; Whacky Class: Miss Fingerly's class is interrupted continually by paper football, cooking spaghetti, a party and finally a magician who turns her into a huge wiener. Mavis and Clavis; Musical guest: MC Lyte
19 October 18, 1997 Cold Box Open: The entire cast, except for Amanda, enters the green room and one by one they climb into a big box. Amanda comes in, hears the others in the box, picks it up and carries it out to start the show. Good Critic: A food critic visits Good Burger only to get Ed's puppy instead of his order. When Mr. Baily sees the puppy he throws the food critic out. Vital Information. Bradley's Big Ol' Date: Bradley's blind date meets him at a restaurant where he proceeds to cry, beg for his "baba" and a kiss, and throw his spoon. Finally he meets the baby of his dreams. Ask Ashley. Guest star: Sherman Hemsley; Musical guest: Heavy D
20 October 25, 1997 Cold Lifeguard Open: Kel, Alisa and Tricia enter the greenroom and find a lifeguard on duty. They walk out only to start drowning. He rescues them one by one and they start the show. Lunch Lady: Miss Piddlin is back defending her peas. Vital Information; Space Sketch: The USS Spaceship encounters an alien, Thorax. When the captain is accidentally lasered, Captain Tantrum fills in and saves everyone by crying. Thorax lowers her shields and is blown up. Tantrum then demands to be taken to Happy Toy Land. Pierre Escargot; Gone Fishin': When Squash Boy doesn't show up for a sketch, Josh and Amanda decide to go fishin' in the audience. First they catch a baby, then a toupee, then a brassiere and finally the camera. Peter & Flem; Musical guest: Erykah Badu

Note: The "For Real" episode was never released on iTunes.


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