The fifth season of All That premiered on Nickelodeon in 1998. After Lori Beth Denberg's departure, Danny Tamberelli became the new anchor for Vital Information. Reruns of this season continued until 2001.


  • Amanda Bynes
  • Leon Frierson
  • Christy Knowings
  • Kel Mitchell
  • Josh Server
  • Danny Tamberelli
  • Kenan Thompson

Some episodes also featured Nick Cannon and Mark Saul.


As of 2011, only 13 episodes of this season survive on Nick Rewind. Episodes that did not survive include the "100th episode" special, and those that last aired on The N in 2008.

Episode No. Premiere date Synopsis
1 December 12, 1998

Cold Nick in the Box Open: Amanda orders a new cast member who arrives in a delivery box and proves his talent by ripping off Kevin's head. The Cook-Off: Dullmont High is having its first cook-off. Miss Piddlin enters her world-famous peas and forces the judges to declare her the winner. Vital Information: Danny Tamberelli dispenses pearls of wisdom for our everyday lives. Water Fountain Stakeout: Janitor Gaseous and Principal Pimpell stake out the hall water fountain to catch a gumsticking culprit. Ask Ashley: Ashley helps out Rachel Berzon, Benjamin Ross and Ellis Holland. Musical guests: Blackstreet and Mya

Currently known as "Episode 580".

2 December 19, 1998

Cold Mark Open: Amanda and Leon have dug a hole to China and Mark pushes Kevin into the hole to be accepted into the "All That" cast. North Pole Weather Report: Ray Borealis is in the North Pole giving a weather report, while Brenda sits toasty and warm in the studio. Vital Information; Pierre Escargot; Hall Monitor: Mark is an insane imposter Hall Monitor who has taken over the halls of Dullmont Junior High and wreaks havoc. Don't Do This at Home: Leon demonstrates what NOT to do at home. School Dance Play-by-Play: At a Dullmont Junior High School dance Rob attempts to ask Christine to dance. Musical guest: Tatyana Ali

Currently known as "Episode 581".

3 January 2, 1999 Cold Mystery: Leon is missing! Amanda, Nick, Christy and Josh question one another about his whereabouts. The Spice Boys: Hairy, Sweaty, Mumbly, Burt and Dead hold a press conference. They kick Burt Spice out of the group, but he is later welcomed back with his new persona--Spice Cube. They perform their hit "B is for Boy." Vital Information; Whateverrr! Gina and Jessica host their show "Whateverrr" with their special guest, the cutest boy in school. Overzealous Waiter: An overzealous waiter serves his first customers. Musical guest: Shaquille O'Neal
4 January 9, 1999

Cold Black and White Open: Danny and Kenan enter the greenroom and everything is in black-and-white. You Can't Win: The contestants are Arnie, Lester Oaks, and Helga Schlumpfist. Helga loses because she accidentally exceeds the number of meatballs she must eat. Vital Information; Ask Ashley; Music Class on a Budget: When Principal Pimpell gets rich by stealing from the school, the children's instruments are taken away and replaced by commonplace items. Have a Nice Day: Leroy expresses his irritation towards tooth brushing and Fuzz with a "Hurt-the-puppet" yo-yo trick, an industrial strength power sander, and a fire hose. Musical guest: Faith Evans

Currently known as "Episode 583".

5 January 16, 1999 Cold Fortune Open: Danny, Amanda, Kenan and Mark open fortune cookies that come true. Spice Boys in the Studio: The Spice Boys are in jeopardy of losing their following if they do not come up with another hit record. Their problems are solved when recording superstar Monica sings a song with them. Vital Information; Crazy Yearbook Photographer: Stuart, the crazy yearbook photographer, terrorizes the students of Dullmont High. Ms. Klump soon realizes that he is a fake, and the real photographer is tied up. Whateverrr--The Leo Party: Gina and Jessica host a Leonardo DiCaprio party. Musical guest: Monica
6 January 23, 1999

Cold Carrot Open: Amanda, Christy and Nick walk into the greenroom to find Josh playing chess with a giant carrot. Camping With Miss Piddlin: Miss Piddlin and some students go camping. The students are forced to eat peas or face the wrath of Miss Piddlin. Vital Information; Desert Weather Report: Ray the weatherman gives his weather report from the desert of Death Valley. The Best Friends Forever Show: Best friends Julius and Ross are contestants on a game show where the object is to let something terrible happen to your best buddy in order to win prizes. Musical guest: Mya

Currently known as "Episode 585".

7 January 30, 1999

Cold Attack Turtle Open: Amanda gets a vicious "attack killer turtle" to guard the green room. Nick and Kenan are doubtful of the turtle's ferociousness until it attacks Kevin. Jimmy Bond vs. Dr. Maybe: Jimmy Bond, after being equipped with the latest technology, is off to fight evil in the form of Dr. Maybe. He is no match for the debonair Bond, and they duel to an explosive ending. Vital Information; Have a Nice Day: Fuzz tries to convince Leroy that sharing is fun. They try to share a pizza, clothes and toys. In the end, Leroy is still not convinced that sharing is fun. Seymore Reacts to Stuff: Seymore reacts to a tennis match between two awful players. Career Day: It is career day in Ms. Klump's class, and the students have brought along their parents to share careers. Don't Do This at Home: Leon demonstrates what NOT to do at home, like not taking a bath in the fish tank. Musical guest: 98 Degrees.

Currently known as "Episode 586".

8 February 13, 1999

Cold Simon Says Open: Kenan walks into the greenroom to find Mark, Danny and Amanda playing "Simon Says" with a boy named Simon. The kids discover that "Simon" is fake and that his real name is Ralph. The Inconvenience Store: Latanya and Lateesha give customers a hard time. Vital Information; Pick Me: Tilly is very excited to show her science project. None of the other students have worked on theirs at all, but Ms. Klump calls on them and pays absolutely no attention to Tilly. Pierre Escargot; Ask Ashley; Musical guest: 112.

Currently known as "Episode 587".

9 March 6, 1999 "All That" celebrates its 100th episode with an hour long live special.
10 March 13, 1999
11 March 20, 1999

Danny's mother embarrasses Danny and beats up Kevin. Superdude vs. the Dairy Godfather. Vital Information. Stuart the Crazy Postal Worker. Ms. Klump demonstrates first aid techniques using injuries that she inflicts on her students as examples.

Currently known as "Episode 589".

12 March 27, 1999

After a hundred years, today is the day the time capsule can be opened. The Spice Boys. Vital Information. Have a Nice Day. The Mayor of Los Angeles shows up to congratulate the cast on the one millionth use of the word cheese. Mars Weather Report.

Currently known as "Episode 590".

13 April 10, 1999

Amanda beats the Cosmic Crusher game. Detective Dan: Robbed. Vital Information. The Date Game: Clay Spackle introduces three lucky bachelors to Bethany Sinclair in hopes of her getting one great date. Show and Tell: Juicer.

Currently known as "Episode 591".

14 April 17, 1999

Currently known as "Episode 594".

Sketches include Evil Amanda's Voice, Miss Piddlin, Seymour Reacts to Stuff, Coach Kreeton, and more.

15 April 24, 1999
16 May 8, 1999
17 October 16, 1999

Everyone switches Kevin's words around. A sketch is interrupted several times by an audience member who demands the performers change it. Vital Information. Timmy brings home a stray rock star. Seymour Reacts to Stuff. The Spice Boys.

Currently known as "Episode 597" and the "series finale".

18 November 6, 1999

The kids find an old treasure map and search for treasure in the green room. The art teacher ask the class to paint him but makes it extremely hard. Vital Information. Seymour Reacts to Stuff. What Everrr. Don't Do This in School. Pierre Escargot.

Currently known as "Episode 596".

19 November 13, 1999

Luigi the Baker sends the cast 100 pies. Faculty Physical Training: Principal Pimpell hires a fitness expert to shape up the faculty. Vitak Information. Mack and Jack in the Classroom. Pierre Escargot. Have a Nice Day with Leroy and Fuzz.

Currently known as "Episode 595".

20 November 20, 1999
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