Brave and confident, Apple Bloom packs a lot of gumption into a tiny package. Like her big sister, Applejack, she’s a natural leader and a feisty member of the Apple family. Apple Bloom dreams of earning her Cutie Mark with her fellow Cutie Mark Crusaders -- who also happen to be her best friends, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed.

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Examples include:

  • Call of the Cutie (Season 1, episode 12)
  • The Cutie Pox (Season 2, episode 6)
  • One Bad Apple (Season 3, episode 4)
  • Somepony to Watch Over Me (Season 4, episode 17)
  • Bloom & Gloom (Season 5, episode 4)
  • On Your Marks (Season 6, episode 4)





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