Having grown up working hard to keep her family's famous apple business growing, Applejack has come to be known as the most down-to-earth, resourceful, and dependable Earth Pony this side of Ponyville! A proud farm pony to the core, she's not afraid to get her hooves dirty and to her, there's nothing a little horse-sense and elbow-grease can't take care of. Incredibly honest, Applejack would never stoop to tell a lie and this makes her a beacon for those seeking advice. Applejack has an impeccable ability to break a situation down to its core and fix it fast, and usually topped off with a wacky country anecdote told with a charming of country twang.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Her key episodes:

  1. Applebuck Season
  2. Look Before You Sleep (biggest Season 1 appearance)
  3. Fall Weather Friends (biggest appearance with Rainbow Dash)
  4. The Last Roundup (biggest Season 2 appearance; also her only episode for that season)
  5. Apple Family Reunion
  6. Spike at Your Service (biggest Season 3 appearance)
  7. Bats! (biggest appearance with Fluttershy)
  8. Pinkie Apple Pie (biggest Season 4 appearance; also her biggest with Pinkie Pie)
  9. Simple Ways
  10. Somepony to Watch Over Me
  11. Leap of Faith
  12. Made in Manehattan (biggest Season 5 appearance)
  13. Hearthbreakers
  14. The Mane Attraction
  15. Applejack's Day Off (biggest appearance with Rarity)
  16. Viva Las Pegasus
  17. P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) (biggest appearance with Twilight Sparkle)
  18. Where the Apple Lies (biggest Season 6 appearance)
  19. Honest Apple (biggest Season 7 appearance)
  20. The Perfect Pear
  21. Campfire Tales
  22. Non-Compete Clause
  23. Sounds of Silence
  24. Going to Seed (her final episode of the series; also her only Season 9 episode)

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Rarity and Applejack stare-down S1E8.png
Applejack & Rainbow brohoof S1E13.png
Applejack thanks Fluttershy S03E10.png
Applejack asking Big Mac about trip essentials S4E09.png
Rarity "just by doing something small" S5E17.png
Pinkie "you'll do great in the flag finding mission!" S5E20.png
Applejack on stage with Coloratura and the CMC S5E24.png
Rarity biting her lower lip S6E10.png
Rarity "it's just Strawberry's honest opinion" S7E9.png
Big sisters and little sisters around the campfire S7E16.png
Twilight "the Teacher of the Month wouldn't care" S8E9.png

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