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The third season of Arthur premiered on PBS in November 1998. This season was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Viewers Like You, Libby's Juicy Juice, and Baby Gap. It was also the last to contain the PBS Kids' "P-Pals" logo on initial broadcasts.

The first 10 episodes aired from November 16–27, 1998, while the last five episodes premiered from December 28 to January 1, 1999. It first reran from February 15 to March 5, 1999.

Post Alpha-Bits joined the show starting on May 17, 1999, when Season 3 reruns began a third time, lasting through June 4. The season reran a fourth time from August 16 to September 3, 1999.

In later years, this was followed by the U.S. Department of Education as a main underwriter, then Lego replaced Baby Gap in 2000, Chuck E. Cheese's replaced Lego in 2002, Teddy Grahams replaced Post Alpha-Bits in 2004, and Dannon Danimals replaced Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls in 2006.


# Title Synopsis
1a Buster's Back
1b The Ballad of Buster Baxter
2a D.W. All Fired Up
2b I'd Rather Read It Myself
3a Arthur Goes Crosswire
3b Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous
4a Background Blues
4b And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids
5a The Chips Are Down
5b Revenge of the Chip
6a Binky Rules
6b Meet Binky
7a Arthur Rides the Bandwagon
7b Dad's Dessert Dilemma
8a Popular Girls
8b Buster's Growing Grudge
9a Arthur's Treasure Hunt
9b The Return of the King
10a Attack of the Turbo Tibbles
10b D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy
11a Double Tibble Trouble
11b Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival
12a What Scared Sue Ellen?
12b Clarissa is Cracked
13a Arthur's Dummy Disaster
13b Francine and the Feline
14a Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight
14b D.W.'s Perfect Wish
15a Arthur and D.W. Clean Up
15b The Long, Dull Winter

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