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The sixth season of Arthur premiered on PBS in late September 2001. This season was funded by Libby's Juicy Juice, Post Alpha Bits, Lego, the U.S. Department of Education, and Viewers Like You.

For this season, Arthur's new voice actor, Justin Bradley, replaced Michael Yarmush. Reruns of this season had Mark Rendall replacing Bradley as the voice of Arthur, giving him a more youthful voice.

Also as of this season, two streams of closed captions on further broadcasts of every season to date went into permanent effect -- the original, near-verbatim captions (CC1) and edited captions (CC2), the latter intended for elementary school-aged children who were not yet fluent readers and could not make use of the program audio. They also presented simplified language and shorter sentences at a slower rate. This was also Sony Wonder's last season for distribution of the show on DVD.

Chuck E. Cheese's replaced Lego in 2002, Teddy Grahams replaced Post Alpha-Bits in 2004, and Dannon Danimals replaced Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls in 2006 for this season and all previous seasons as well.


# Title Synopsis
1a Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked
1b Best of the Nest
2a Arthur Plays the Blues
2b Buster's Sweet Success
3a Prunella's Special Edition
3b The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies
4a Muffy's Soccer Shocker
4b Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?
5a The Boy Who Cried Comet
5b Arthur and Los Vecinos
6a Citizen Frensky
6b D.W.'s Backpack Mishap
7a The Boy with His Head in the Clouds
7b More!
8a Rhyme for Your Life
8b For Whom the Bell Tolls
9a The Good Sport
9b Crushed
10a Arthur Loses His Marbles
10b Friday the 13th

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