The seventh season of Arthur premiered on PBS in October 2002. This season was funded by Libby's Juicy Juice, Post Alpha-Bits, Chuck E. Cheese's, the U.S. Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Viewers Like You.

For this season, some characters had new voice actors, such as Mark Rendall for Arthur, Jason Szwimmer for D.W., and Alex Hood for The Brain.

Early in 2004, Teddy Grahams replaced Post Alpha-Bits as an underwriter for the show, and remained until 2004, when it left the show permanently with Libby's Juicy Juice, and Dannon Danimals replaced Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls in 2006.


# Title Synopsis
1a Cast Away Arthur is thrilled when Dad invites him to go fly fishing for the weekend. Finally -- an escape from D.W.! But when a change in plans forces them to include her Arthur's had enough. Does D.W. always have to get her own way?
1b The Great Sock Mystery
2a Francine's Split Decision Lakewood Elementary is sure to win the big bowling tournament on Saturday with Francine leading the team. So what if Francine's cousin is having his Bar Mitzvah at exactly that same time? The amazing Francine can be in both places -- or at least seem to be -- and no one will be the wiser. Or so she thinks...
2b Muffy Goes Metropolitan
3a Ants in Arthur's Pants
3b Don't Ask Muffy
4a To Tibble the Truth When the Tibble Twins' constant lying lands them in constant trouble, they promise to tell only the truth. But is telling every truth any better? Tommy and Timmy try to be honest Tibbles before they lose all their friends -- and each other.
4b Waiting to Go Binky and Brain collide on the soccer field, breaking Brain's new watch and nearly breaking their friendship. Could things get any worse? Well, yes -- the other kids' rides have come and gone, leaving Binky and Brain behind. Will they spend the next 50 years sitting in the parking lot, waiting to go?
5 Elwood City Turns 100!
6a Pick a Car, Any Car
6b Jenna's Bedtime Blues Muffy's annual slumber party is the envy of Lakewood Elementary. This year Jenna is finally invited and she's absolutelyhorrified! What if the other girls discover that she's an occasional bed-wetter? She'll be the lonely laughingstock of Elwood City! Can Jenna make it through the night with her sheets dry and her secret safe?
7a D.W.'s Time Trouble D.W. is sick and tired of being bossed around all the time and demands to know why she couldn't have been born before Arthur! So she goes on a magical trip through time to see what life would be like with Arthur as her little brother. Surely D.W. would be much happier if she were in charge... wouldn't she?
7b Buster's Amish Mismatch
8a The World of Tomorrow
8b Is There a Doctor in the House?
9a Prunella Sees the Light
9b Return of the Snowball
10 April 9th


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