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Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

The eighth season of Arthur premiered on PBS in September 2003. This season was funded by Libby's Juicy Juice, Post Alpha-Bits, Chuck E. Cheese's, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Viewers Like You.

Most voice actors returned for this season from Season 7. This was also the last season distributed by Cinar, before the company was renamed to Cookie Jar Entertainment, and the last to include edited captions (CC2).

Like in Season 7, Teddy Grahams replaced Post Alpha-Bits in 2004, remaining as a temporary underwriter until 2004, when it left the show permanently with Libby's Juicy Juice, and Dannon Danimals replaced Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls in 2006.


# Title Synopsis
1a Dear Adil
1b Bitzi's Break Up Bitzi's breaking up with her boyfriend and Buster is really sad. Harry is his favorite baseball buddy! Can Buster get them back together in time for the next game? And more importantly will Buster and Harry be able to stay friends?
2a Fernfern and the Secret of Moose Mountain
2b Thanks a Lot, Binky
3a Arthur's Snow Biz
3b Bugged
4a Fernkenstein's Monster
4b D.W., Dancing Queen
5a Vomitrocious!
5b Sue Ellen Chickens Out
6 Postcards from Buster
7a Desk Wars
7b Desperately Seeking Stanley On his birthday, Arthur's favorite present was Stanley, his teddy bear. Stanley protected Arthur when he was afraid of the dark and even when his new baby sister D.W. arrived. But Arthur is 8 years old now and doesn't need his furry friend anymore ... right?
8a Muffy's Art Attack
8b Tales from the Crib Vicita is upset at having to trade in her cherished crib for a big-girl bed, so D.W. shares her story of that same rite of passage. D.W. was also reluctant to make the transition to a bed without bars, but then discovered the joys and responsibilities of her new-found freedom.
9a Flea to Be You and Me
9b Kiss and Tell
10a Big Horns George
10b Bleep