The ninth season of Arthur premiered on PBS Kids in December 2004. This season was funded by Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls, Chuck E. Cheese's, the U.S. Department of Education, and Viewers Like You.

This was the first season distributed by Cookie Jar Entertainment (which bought Cinar and its assets in 2004) and the first to have the PBS Kids GO! logo after its launch in October 2004.

Starting in 2006, new underwriters for the show, such as Dannon Danimals, replaced Rhodes 60-Second Cinnamon Rolls, until only Chuck E. Cheese's remained in early 2016.


# Title Synopsis
1a Castles in the Sky
1b Tipping the Scales
2a Francine's Big Top Trouble
2b George Blows His Top
3a Arthur Weighs In
3b The Law of the Jungle Gym
4a Buster's Green Thumb
4b My Fair Tommy
5a Lights, Camera... Opera!
5b All Worked Up
6a Arthur Makes Waves
6b It Came From Beyond
7a Three's a Crowd
7b A is for Angry
8a The "A" Team
8b Emily Swallows a Horse
9a D.W. Beats All
9b Buster the Myth Maker
10a Binky Goes Nuts When Binky finds out that he is allergic to peanuts, he learns that the best way not to go nuts is to be well-informed and to understand his allergy.
10b Breezy Listening Blues

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