After the first 15 episodes of the third season aired on PBS, the video title "Barney: Safety" was released. It has segments of the past two seasons as well as the third season. Episodes include "Playing it Safe", "Stop, Look and Be Safe", and lots more.


Barney and his friends learn about the safety with help from Firefighter Frank and his dog Chief. But, that's not all... Barney, Baby Bop and BJ become dino-experts on many topics such as seatbelt safety and playing safely by wearing helmets. Now they can share these valuable safety lessons with you!


  1. Look Through the Window
  2. The Traffic Light Song
  3. Walk Across the Street
  4. I Can Laugh
  5. The Rocket Song
  6. Buckle Up My Seatbelt
  7. Bubble, Bubble Bath
  8. Clean Up
  9. Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck
  10. Senses Song
  11. Everyone is Special
  12. I Love You


If you notice one thing, one of the segments taken from "Playing it Safe" had some minor edits. First of all, the red cross was "censored" off the toy ambulance: 

Also, the "sore tail" part was cut from this segment. And finally, although this probably isn't an edit; the "Clean Up" song was originally planned to be taken from the episode "Classical Cleanup", but since that had nearly nothing to do with safety, this song was used from the "Playing it Safe" episode instead.


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