In this seventh installment of Barney & the Backyard Gang, many things have changed. First, the Barney costume looks a lot different to the previous videos, much looking a lot like the costume used for the first season of Barney & Friends. Thus, for the last two Backyard Gang videos, it might be the prototype Season 1 Barney costume we'd be seeing.


Barney and the Backyard Gang hold a live musical extravaganza at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas. Barney's Concert features traditional songs and fun new musical arrangements that encourage interaction and audience participation. Barney introduces his newest friend, Baby Bop, a forever 2-year-old.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Everyone is Special
  3. Backyard Gang Rap
  4. We are Barney and the Backyard Gang
  5. Down on Grandpa's Farm
  6. The Noble Duke of York
  7. Pop Goes the Weasel
  8. The Alphabet Song (English, Hebrew and French)
  9. Where is Thumbkin?
  10. Sally the Camel
  11. Mr. Knickerbocker
  12. Baby Bop's Song
  13. Baby Bop's Street Dance
  14. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  15. Bubble Bubble Bath
  16. Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck
  17. Down by the Station
  18. You're a Grand Old Flag
  19. I Love You


  • The original 1991 VHS contains previews for Campfire Sing-Along, Waiting for Santa, and Barney Goes to School.


The Spanish dubbed version of this VHS has the theme song with vocals, unlike in Waiting for Santa.


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