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Campfire Sing-Along, the fifth Barney & the Backyard Gang video, was released in the summer of 1990.

During the end credits is an instrumental version of "The Frog on a Log". This song was also sung in Rock With Barney (1991), Home Sweet Homes (1992), and Hoo's in the Forest? (1993).

This is the only video to have Jeffrey Lowe, temporarily replacing Adam. Because of this, the third verse of the theme song is sung differently.

In October 1992, The Disney Channel aired this video at least twice, for some reason.


Barney the dinosaur introduces the Backyard Gang to the fun of camping out. The children meet all sorts of woodland creatures, study the stars, learn valuable forest safety lessons, and best of all, discover the delights of their imagination.

Songs and Rhymes

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Love You (English and Spanish)
  3. A Camping We Will Go
  4. Little Cabin in the Forest Green
  5. Clean Up
  6. The Ants Go Marching
  7. The Little Turtle
  8. The Frog on a Log
  9. The Happy Wanderer
  10. I'm Being Eaten By a Tyrannosaurus Rex
  11. Sarasponda
  12. S'Mores
  13. The Other Day I Met a Bear
  14. Kookaburra
  15. Tell Me Why
  16. Are You Sleeping?


  • Inside this VHS, there are previews for Waiting for Santa, The Backyard Show, Three Wishes, and A Day at the Beach.