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Copies of the Cars DVD were first produced on September 22, 2006, before it was released on November 7, 2006 (as announced in August 2006), then on Blu-ray Disc on November 6, 2007. The Blu-ray/DVD Combo was later released on April 12, 2011, followed by an Ultimate Collector's Edition on Blu-ray 3D on October 29, 2013. This was Pixar's first film to only be released on DVD after its theatrical release, as the VHS format had phased out.

Chapter Index

  1. Dinoco 400
  2. Victory Lane 
  3. Rust-eze 
  4. "Life Is a Highway" 
  5. Lost 
  6. Into Town 
  7. Where's McQueen? 
  8. The Impound 
  9. Traffic Court 
  10. Bessie 
  11. Customers! 
  12. Doc's Challenge 
  13. A New Road 
  14. Turn Right to Go Left 
  15. Back to Work 
  16. Tractor Tipping 
  17. Backwards Driving 
  18. Goodnight 
  19. Doc's Piston Cups 
  20. Breakfast at Flo's 
  21. Drive With Sally 
  22. Wheel Well 
  23. "Our Town" 
  24. Stampede 
  25. Doc Races 
  26. He's Gone 
  27. A New Customer 
  28. Cruisin' 
  29. McQueen Is Found 
  30. California Race 
  31. Back on the Map 
  32. Epilogue

Bonus material

  • Animated Shorts: Mater And The Ghostlight, One Man Band

DVD only:

  • Inspiration for Cars
  • Creator John Lasseter Gets His Kicks On Route 66

Blu-ray Disc only:

  • Cine-Explore: For The Ultimate, Behind-The-Scene Expirence
  • Car Finder Game: Discover hundreds of "Car-actors" In This Immersive Game
  • Never-Before-Seen-Deleted Scene
  • Radiator Springs Featurettes
  • Movie Showcase: Instant Access To Select Movie Scenes That Showcase The Ultimate in High Definition Picture And Sound
  • Deleted Scenes

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
Latin America November 7, 2006
Japan November 8, 2006
Taiwan November 15, 2006
UK November 27, 2006
South Korea December 2006
France December 14, 2006