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The timeless story of Cinderella remains one of Walt Disney's finest animated achievements of all time. Burdened with endless chores, Cinderella holds fast to dreams of someday escaping her drudgery. With some help from her small friends Jaq and Gus, a Fairy Godmother and some "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" from a magical wand, Cinderella's breathtaking triumph is the original "rags to riches" story that provides unparalleled, everlasting entertainment. Brilliantly told through romance, fantasy and song, Cinderella is a classic adventure for one and all The New York Times.


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Production timeline

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA February 15, 1950
Re-release USA February 14, 1957
Re-release #2 USA June 9, 1965
Re-release #3 USA March 23, 1973
Re-release #4 USA December 18, 1981
Re-release #5 USA November 20, 1987
VHS USA October 4, 1988
VHS re-release USA October 4, 1995
DVD USA October 4, 2005
Blu-ray USA October 2, 2012





Rank of worldwide release 6.png
Rank of release in North America 6.png
Rank of release on VHS worldwide 18.png
Rank of release on VHS in North America 16.png
Rank of release on DVD worldwide 66.png
Rank of release on DVD in North America 63.png
Rank of release on Blu-ray Disc worldwide 78.png
Rank of release on Blu-ray Disc in North America 74.png