This book is about a preteen boy named Greg Heffley. The "diary" is actually a journal, according to Greg. The entire story takes place during Greg's entire sixth grade year. In recess, Greg finds a piece of swiss cheese on the blacktop. Whoever touched that cheese would catch something called "The Cheese Touch", and the only way to get rid of it is to touch someone else, then that person would have the Cheese Touch. Greg mostly gets in trouble for many things, such as playing a heavy metal CD owned by his older brother Rodrick at night. In Halloween, Greg and his friend Rowley are ambushed by a group of teenagers while they go trick or treating. On the second half of Greg's school year, he and Rowley join the Safety Patrol. Near the end of the school year, they make comic strips. Then the grossest thing happens at the end of the story -- the teenagers force Rowley to eat the Cheese that's been on the blacktop for nine months. The next day, Greg then explains to everyone that he threw away the Cheese, thus everyone runs away from him.


  • Greg: The main character, and the "Wimpy Kid".
  • Rodrick: Greg's older brother, likes to play heavy metal music.
  • Manny: Greg's younger brother, often calls him Bubby.
  • Susan Heffley: Greg's mother.
  • Frank Heffley: Greg's father.
  • Rowley: Greg's best friend.
  • Fregley: Greg's neighbor, is in the same phys-ed class as Greg.

In Other Languages

Language Title
French Journal d'un Dégonflé
Spanish Diario de Greg: Un Renacuajo
Portuguese Diário de um Banana
Japanese グレッグのダメ日記
Chinese 小屁孩日記
Korean 윔피키드: 학교 생활의 법칙
Thai ไดอารี่ของเด็กไม่เอาถ่าน

In Other Countries

Country of origin Language Release date
South Korea Korean April 10, 2008
Japan Japanese May 2008
UK English July 3, 2008
France French August 3, 2008
Latin America Spanish October 30, 2008



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