It's your very own personal diary, in the style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. You can write whatever you want, take surveys, and even draw your own comics -- just like the way Greg Heffley does it!

In Other Languages

Language Title
French Journal d'un Dégonflé: À écrire toi-Même
Spanish Diario de Greg: Hazlo tú Mismo
Portuguese Diário de um Banana: Faça Você Mesmo
Japanese グレッグ公認 きみだけのダメ日記帳
Korean 내가 만드는 윔피 키드

In Other Countries

Country of origin Language Release date (Version 1) Release date (Version 2)
UK English June 4, 2009 June 9, 2011
France French October 20, 2011
Japan Japanese March 22, 2012
South Korea Korean November 10, 2009 September 3, 2012


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