It takes place four weeks after Greg's big fight with his ex-best friend, Rowley, and it's also the time when Greg begins eighth grade.

In Other Languages

Language Title
French Journal d'un Dégonflé: La Vérité Toute Moche
Spanish Diario de Greg 5: La Cruda Realidad
Portuguese Diário de um Banana 5: A Verdade Nua e Crua
Japanese グレッグのダメ日記5
Korean 윔피키드 5: 사춘기의 법칙

In Other Countries

Country of origin Language Release date
Japan Japanese November 13, 2010
South Korea Korean December 13, 2010
Latin America Spanish March 2011
UK English February 1, 2012
France French February 2, 2012


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