K. Rool has ape-napped the Kongs! Can Donkey Kong rescue his friends, reclaim the Golden Bananas and save his homeland from certain doom? Take out some Kremlings with Chunky’s Pineapple Launcher or Lanky’s Trombone. Float through the air using Tiny’s Pony Tail Twirl. Even rocket to the sky with Diddy’s Jetbarrel! This game requires the Expansion Pak, a RAM expander for certain Nintendo 64 games. It adds 32 megabits (4 MB) of RAM to the Nintendo 64, putting the total to 64 megabits (8 MB).

Release Dates

August 27, 1999 Unveiled
November 22, 1999 U.S. version
December 1, 1999 Prima's Official Strategy Guide
December 6, 1999 PAL version
December 10, 1999 Japanese version

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese ドンキーコング64


  1. Main Menu
  2. Monkey Smash
  3. Battle Arena
  4. DK's Treehouse
  5. Cranky Kong's Theme
  6. Bonus Stage
  7. DK Isles
  8. Pause
  9. Tag Barrel
  10. K. Lumsy
  11. Wrinky Kong's Theme
  12. DK Isles: Jungle Japes Lobby
  13. Jungle Japes
  14. Funky Kong's Theme
  15. Rambi's Theme
  16. Jungle Japes: Mine Cart
  17. Jungle Japes: Boss (Army Dillo)
  18. DK Isles: Angry Aztec Lobby
  19. Angry Aztec: Caves
  20. Angry Aztec
  21. Candy Kong's Theme
  22. Angry Aztec: Slide Race
  23. Angry Aztec: Boss (Dogadon)
  24. Banana Fairy Island
  25. Krem Isle
  26. DK Isles: Frantic Factory Lobby
  27. Frantic Factory
  28. Frantic Factory: Production Room
  29. Frantic Factory/Creepy Castle: Slot Car Race
  30. Frantic Factory: Boss (Mad Jack)
  31. DK Isles: Gloomy Galleon Lobby
  32. Gloomy Galleon: Caves
  33. Gloomy Galleon
  34. Enguarde's Theme
  35. Gloomy Galleon: Mermaid's Palace
  36. Gloomy Galleon: Boss (Puftoss)
  37. DK Isles: Fungi Forest Lobby
  38. Fungi Forest (Daytime)
  39. Fungi Forest (Nighttime)
  40. Fungi Forest: Spider Battle
  41. Fungi Forest: DK's Barrel Blast
  42. Fungi Forest: Mine Cart
  43. Fungi Forest: Boss (Dogadon II)
  44. DK Isles: Crystal Caves Lobby
  45. Crystal Caves
  46. Crystal Caves: Igloo
  47. Crystal Caves: Puzzle Room
  48. Crystal Caves: Indoors
  49. Crystal Caves: Ice Slide
  50. Crystal Caves: Boss (Army Dillo II)
  51. DK Isles: Creepy Castle Lobby
  52. Creepy Castle
  53. Creepy Castle: Tree Trunk
  54. Creepy Castle: Dungeons
  55. Creepy Castle: Greenhouse
  56. Creepy Castle: Rubbish Bin
  57. Creepy Castle: Museum
  58. Creepy Castle: Ballroom
  59. Creepy Castle: Mine Cart
  60. Troff 'n' Scoff
  61. Boss Door Opening
  62. Boss Intro
  63. Creepy Castle: Boss
  64. DK Isles: Hideout Helm Lobby
  65. Snide's HQ
  66. Hideout Helm Offline
  67. Hideout Helm
  68. K. Rool Battle
  69. Ending Credits
  70. Mad Maze Maul
  71. Mini-Monkey (Tiny's Kong Barrel)
  72. OrangSprint (Lanky's Kong Barrel)
  73. Strong Kong (DK's Kong Barrel)



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