Dragonshy is the seventh episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Fluttershy must convince a sleeping dragon to move out of town before the plume of black smoke it's producing covers all of Equestria!


Dragonshy was one of the first nine episodes initially planned for the show prior to October 2009. It was first listed as #5 in the writing schedule on October 13, but was moved to #6 on October 28.

Meghan McCarthy wrote the outline for this episode from November 6–18, 2009, then the first full script from November 20 through December 21, 2009. After the first draft was finished, the episode switched places with Boast Busters in the writing schedule, making Dragonshy now episode #7 as of then. The script was revised from December 30, 2009 through January 6, 2010, and voice recording occurred on February 1.

Storyboarding began on February 22, 2010, and the completed animatic was submitted for review on May 4, 2010. A piano demo for the Hop Skip and Jump Song was composed and performed on April 5, 2010, followed by a full demo on April 28.

The client cut was submitted for review on August 25, 2010.

The musical score was added to the episode on September 14, 2010.

Production was officially complete on October 7, 2010.


This episode features the following characters:

Main characters
03 - Fluttershy.png
01 - Twilight Sparkle.png
Twilight Sparkle
02 - Pinkie Pie.png
Pinkie Pie
04 - Rainbow Dash.png
Rainbow Dash
05 - Rarity.png
06 - Applejack.png
Other characters
07 - Spike.png

Home media

DVDs with this episode:

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Season One
(December 4, 2012)


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