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Dumbo was one of the first two Disney animated features released on VHS and Betamax tapes for rental only in 1981, several years after its withdrawal from theaters. The video was later made available for sale in 1982.

Along with fellow film Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo was ported over to the Walt Disney Classics in late 1985.


One of the true Disney masterpieces... the poignant full-length animated classic about a baby elephant born with oversized ears, who is snubbed and ridiculed by all the circus animals. Finally, he is befriended by a mouse named Timothy, who in a final triumph, helps Dumbo become the world's only flying elephant.

VHS Supplements

1981 VHS

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BVWD For Sale Only Not Intended For Rental Screen.png BVWD FBI Warning Screen 1a.png
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1982 VHS

For 1982, the 5-minute Walt Disney and You promo was seen at the end of this tape.