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Dumbo was announced for a DVD release (and its last VHS release ever) in June 2001, with a release date of October 23, 2001. The DVD was discontinued in the summer of 2005, before being replaced by a new Big Top Edition.

A proposed sequel, titled Dumbo II, was mentioned at the end of this video, but the film's production was canceled by John Lasseter from Pixar Animation Studios.

At the time of its first American DVD release, Dumbo's remaining copyright term was 35 years, the same one it had when it was first released on VHS in 1981.


One of Disney's greatest classics, Dumbo is the timeless inspirational tale of courage, loyalty and triumph. Now, to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this beloved high-flying adventure, Dumbo makes his first flight onto DVD, digitally restored and remastered to the original glory that captures the hearts of audiences all over the world.

With a "Big Top" full of bonus features, there's something for audiences of all ages to enjoy. Featuring an all-new rendition of "Baby Mine" performed by Michael Crawford, Disney's "Celebrating Dumbo" featurette, two Sing-Along Songs and two animated shorts -- plus an exclusive sneak peek at Disney's Dumbo II and more -- this Special 60th Anniversary Edition of the timeless Disney favorite soars to greater heights than ever before!



Video Creation date Announcer
1 Blue warning screens May 30, 2000
2 Walt Disney Home Entertainment logo July 17, 2001
3 "Coming Soon to Theaters" Bumper December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
4 Return to Never Land Teaser Trailer June 5, 2001
5 "Coming Soon to Own on Video & DVD" Bumper December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
6 Trailer for Cinderella II: Dreams Come True August 7, 2001 Mark Elliott
7 Trailer for Mickey's Magical Christmas:
Snowed in at the House of Mouse
August 7, 2001 Mark Elliott
8 "Now Available to Own on Video & DVD" Bumper December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
9 Trailer for Whispers: An Elephant's Tale October 23, 2001 Mark Elliott
10 Join us After the Feature
October 23, 2001 Brian Cummings
11 Feature Presentation December 14, 1999 Brian Cummings
12 Dumbo
(restored version)
July 16, 1993 John McLeish
13 Trailer for Peter Pan: Special Edition September 11, 2001 Mark Elliott
14 Trailer for Rolie Polie Olie: A Jingle Jangle Holiday August 28, 2001 Daran Norris
15 An exclusive look at "Dumbo II" October 23, 2001 Mark Elliott
16 "Baby Mine" Music video by Michael Crawford October 23, 2001
17 Michael Crawford: The Disney Album promo October 23, 2001 Kath Soucie


  • Audio Commentary
  • Michael Crawford "Baby Mine" Music Video
    As Heard On "Michael Crawford: The Disney Album"
  • Exclusive Look At Dumbo II
  • Dumbo Art Gallery
    Rare and Never-Before-Seen Concept Art
  • Original Walt Disney TV Introduction
  • Celebrating Dumbo Featurette
    The Origins And History Of Dumbo
  • Sound Design
    Creating The Voice Of "Casey Jr."
  • Dumbo DVD Storybook
  • Animated Shorts
    • Elmer Elephant
    • The Flying Mouse
  • Sing-Along Songs
    • "Look Out For Mr. Stork"
    • "Casey Jr."
  • Publicity Materials
  • DVD-ROM Weblinks

In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
Japan July 19, 2002
South Korea November 15, 2002
United Kingdom October 15, 2001
Australia April 3, 2002
France October 24, 2001

Television broadcasts

During the DVD's sales, Dumbo aired on the Disney Channel from May 20, 2003 to February 6, 2005, but never aired in 2004.