At first, the clients are few and far between, and the Ghostbusters must depend on their individual talents to keep the business alive: Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) is a scientific genius, Raymond "Ray" Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) is an expert on paranormal history, and Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), although in some ways a scientific charlatan, has charm and business savvy. Soon, business starts to pick up, due not only to the Ghostbusters building a reputation for themselves, but also due to increased supernatural activity, which turns out to be a direct result of the rise of Gozer, the ghost of a possibly demonic ruler from ancient times. The Ghostbusters add a fourth member to their team -- the blue-collar Winston Zeddemore (Ernie Hudson) to deal with the rapidly increasing workload, but it soon becomes apparent to the Ghostbusters that they are headed toward a climactic confrontation with Gozer. Although he initially comes off as a bit of a goof and sleaze, Venkman eventually finds a (subtly) heroic side to himself when he learns that Gozer and his minions are haunting the apartment of Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver), a client who has become the object of Venkman's lustful (and possibly deeper) intentions.

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Character's name Portrayed by
Egon Spengler Harold Ramis
Raymond "Ray" Stantz Dan Aykroyd
Peter Venkman Bill Murray
Winston Zeddemore Ernie Hudson
Dana Barrett Sigourney Weaver

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Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA June 8, 1984
VHS USA October 31, 1985
VHS South Korea December 1, 1988
VHS (re-release) USA December 7, 1992
DVD USA June 29, 1999
DVD South Korea January 2000
DVD (2-Pack) USA August 2, 2005
Blu-ray Disc USA June 16, 2009
Blu-ray Disc (re-release) USA September 16, 2014

Home video timeline

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