It is five years after the events of Ghostbusters. They had become a joke, with Ray and Winston performing at party (which also answers the age old question -- who is better -- He-Man or Ghostbusters? The answer, He-Man). And to top it off, they now have a lawsuit for all the damage that they have caused. Ray now owns an occult book shop, Winston performs at children's party with Ray, Peter has his own TV series, and Egon is now a medical scientist. And Dana, well, she and Peter never hooked up, and she had a baby named Oscar with someone else. Dana now takes painting classes with this instructor Dr. Janosz Poha. He is at work on a great work, Vigo. However, Vigo was an evil medieval ruler, who is brought back to life by this painting. One day, a slime that thrives on the bad vibes of people rises up, and gets on Dana's baby carriage wheel. The ooze allows inanimate objects to now move, and the carriage goes into on coming traffic. Oscar ends up safe, but she is wondering why. She goes to Egon, who examines the baby. Eventually, the original Ghostbusters get back together, and attempt to solve the mystery. They find out that it is caused by this slime that feeds off people's vibe. After experiementing with "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher And Higher", they find that music makes it move. As in the previous movie, the dead keep coming back to life and causing just really bad problems for the denizens. The movie ends up with them spraying the Statue of Liberty in the ooze, and playing Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher. They want to raise the people's spirits enough.

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Character's name Portrayed by
Egon Spengler Harold Ramis
Raymond "Ray" Stantz Dan Aykroyd
Peter Venkman Bill Murray
Winston Zeddemore Ernie Hudson
Dana Barrett Sigourney Weaver
Dr. Janosz Poha Peter MacNicol

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Production timeline

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA June 16, 1989
VHS USA November 23, 1989
VHS South Korea January 22, 1991
DVD USA June 29, 1999
Blu-ray Disc USA September 16, 2014

In South Korea, Ghostbusters II was classified as "all ages" in its initial release, while the first film was classified as "adults only". However, when released on DVD, both films were re-classified as "12+".

Home video timeline

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