Chapter Index

  1. Dudley Demented (4:49)
  2. The Advance Guard (5:25)
  3. Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place (5:03)
  4. The Order of the Phoenix (2:23)
  5. The Ministry of Magic (3:08)
  6. The Hearing (4:41)
  7. The Originals (2:33)
  8. Luna Lovegood (2:13)
  9. Preserve, Perfect and Prune (4:32)
  10. Professor Unbridge's Class (2:47)
  11. Detention With Delores (4:07)
  12. Thestrals and Sympathy (3:08)
  13. The Hogwarts High Inquisitor (5:59)
  14. In the Hog's Head (5:39)
  15. Dumbledore's Army (6:50)
  16. Under the Mistletoe (4:10)
  17. Occlumency (3:36)
  18. House of Black (5:14)
  19. Hagrid's Tale (2:46)
  20. Unquiet Escape (6:13)
  21. Grawp (5:59)
  22. Snapes Worst Memory (3:18)
  23. O.W.L.S. (2:52)
  24. Out of the Fire (3:57)
  25. Fight and Flight (2:48)
  26. The Department of Mysteries (1:30)
  27. Beyond the Veil (2:37)
  28. Side by Side (4:03)
  29. Wizards Duel (4:49)
  30. The Lost Prophecy (6:02)
  31. A Way of Coming Back (2:17)
  32. End Credits (2:36)

Special features

  • Additional Scenes (10:29)
  • Trailing Tonks (19:22)
  • The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter (43:49)
  • Harry Potter: The Magic of Editing
  • Languages

For the DVD-ROM content, you will need the same minimum system requirements as "Goblet of Fire" -- InterActual Player, Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition), Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 1, Macromedia Flash Player 7, an Internet connection, a DVD-ROM drive and a DirectShow DVD decoder.

In Other Countries

United Kingdom

The film has English and German audio tracks and subtitles, as well an optional "Descriptive Audio" track. Region 2 encoded.

Latin America

Similar to the U.S. version, but without the English SDH and French subtitles, and the interactive menus are in both English and Spanish. The disc is coded for Regions 1 and 4. In the Brazilian import, the Spanish audio, subtitles, and menus are replaced by their Brazilian Portuguese counterparts, and the disc is Region 4 only.

South Korea

No changes, except for the film now containing English, Korean, and Thai audio tracks and subtitles. 

People's Republic of China

Disc 1 of this DVD set is in PAL format, and the film has English and Mandarin Chinese audio tracks and burnt-in Simplified Chinese subtitles. Region 6 encoded.


The film contains English, Mandarin (Taiwanese) Chinese, and Cantonese audio tracks with English, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian subtitles.

The Latin American, Brazilian, Chinese, Taiwanese, and South Korean imports have Disc 2 combined all together to contain English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai subtitles all in one disc.


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