Note: This synopsis came from the old Disney website in April 1997.

Hercules, the son of Zeus, was robbed of his divine birthright when the evil Hades stole him from his cradle and fed him a potion that made him mortal. Armed with only his great strength and his trusty flying horse, Hercules must prove himself a true hero to regain his rightful place among the gods on Mount Olympus.

His adventures read like a collection of mythology's greatest hits -- wrestling ravenous serpents, blinding the dreaded Cyclops, and beheading (and beheading and beheading and beheading) the multi-headed Hydra. Even the cynical citizens of disaster-prone Thebes hail him as a superstar!

But around every corner lurks Hades, a villain with more angles than Isosceles. He knows even Hercules has an Achilles's heel -- his love for the bewitching Meg.


Character's name Voiced by
Hercules Tate Donovan
Hades James Woods
Megara Susan Egan
Philoctetes Danny DeVito
Zeus Rip Torn

In Other Languages

Language Title
Spanish/Portuguese Hércules
Japanese ヘラクレス
Chinese 大力士
Korean 헤라클레스

Production timeline

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA June 27, 1997
VHS USA February 3, 1998
DVD USA November 9, 1999

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Home video release

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