Format Cover Release Date(s) Notes
VHS The Wizard of Oz 1980 VHS.jpg October 25, 1980

The Wizard of Oz's sole release by MGM/CBS Home Video has the Kansas scenes grayscaled, as seen from the 1955 re-release of the film.

After the film are the CBS Video logo and trailers for Fame (1980) and 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

VHS The Wizard of Oz 1985 VHS Front Cover.png August 1985 Like the 1980 VHS, the Kansas scenes are in black and white instead of Sepia Tone, and a copyright screen appears at the end of the film. This VHS is also known as the "Videophonic Sound" edition.
VHS The Wizard of Oz 1989 VHS.jpg August 15, 1989

When The Wizard of Oz turned exactly 50 years old, changes were made to the film since a very long time. For example, the Kansas sequences returned back to its original Sepia Tone color.

Laserdisc 1989 The Wizard of Oz Laserdisc.jpg August 15, 1989
VHS The Wizard of Oz 1991 VHS.jpg
  • 1991
  • November 17, 1993
  • September 19, 1995
Re-printed from the 1989 VHS, with no special features available. The 1993 and 1995 VHS tapes each contain the 1993 MGM/UA Home Video logo.
Laserdisc Ultimateoz laserdisc.jpg November 17, 1993 The "Ultimate Oz" laserdisc set was the only CAV laserdisc release for The Wizard of Oz. It was released along with a re-release of the VHS version.
VHS The Wizard of Oz 1996 VHS.jpg September 10, 1996 This was MGM/UA Home Video's last VHS release ever, and the only one to have the THX logo.
DVD The Wizard of Oz 1997 DVD.jpg March 25, 1997 This was MGM/UA Home Video's only DVD release ever. It has no special features, like the 1996 VHS, and the film is in Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono sound.
DVD The Wizard of Oz 1999 DVD.jpg October 19, 1999 Released to promote the film's 60th anniversary. Also available on VHS (in English or Spanish). If it wasn't for the Copyright Act of 1976, absolutely NONE of Warner Home Video's releases would have been possible.
DVD Wizardofoz deluxe.jpg October 19, 1999 The Deluxe Edition was only available as part of a Gift Set, and was discontinued in 2002.
DVD The Wizard of Oz 2005 DVD.jpg October 25, 2005 Unlike the 1999 DVD, the film now has better picture quality, the maximum audio bitrate of 448 kbps (instead of 384), the original mono audio track, a new music and effects only track, a brand new audio commentary, and more special features (mostly on Disc 2). The DVD was discontinued in 2008.
DVD The Wizard of Oz 2005 DVD (Collector's Edition).jpg October 25, 2005 The first two discs are exactly the same as the Two-Disc Special Edition, with an additional third disc containing films released before the 1939 adaptation. Like the Two-Disc Special Edition, it was discontinued in 2008.
Blu-ray The Wizard of Oz 2009 Blu-ray (Collector's Edition).jpg September 29, 2009 Released to promote the film's 70th anniversary, The Wizard of Oz is presented for the first time in VC-1 high definition video and Dolby TrueHD audio quality.
Blu-ray The Wizard of Oz 2009 Blu-ray.jpg December 1, 2009 The Three-Disc Emerald Edition contains the same specifications as the Ultimate Collector's Edition, but with less features.
Digital Copy The Wizard of Oz 2009 Digital Copy.jpg December 1, 2009 Originally presented in standard definition. Priced at $9.99.
Blu-ray The Wizard of Oz 2010 Blu-ray.jpg March 16, 2010
DVD The Wizard of Oz 2010 DVD.jpg March 16, 2010
Blu-ray 3D The Wizard of Oz 2013 Blu-ray 3D.jpg October 1, 2013

For its near 75th anniversary, The Wizard of Oz was re-released in 3D. Here, the film now has clearer MPEG-4 high definition video and DTS-HD Master Audio quality. A digital copy is also included.

Had the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 not become law, this would've been Warner Home Video's last re-release for The Wizard of Oz, with further distribution of this edition ending on December 31, 2014.

Blu-ray The Wizard of Oz 2013 Blu-ray.jpg October 1, 2013
Digital HD The Wizard of Oz 2013 Digital HD.jpg October 1, 2013
DVD The Wizard of Oz 2013 DVD.jpg October 1, 2013
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