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Peter Banning, who used to be Peter Pan (but grew up to be a lawyer because he left Never Land), now lives in London with his own family -- his wife Moira, and his two children, Jack and Maggie. One night they fly to London to visit Moira's grandmother, Wendy Darling, who helped Peter find a new family as an orphan. They visit her to attend a ceremony for the expansion of the old woman's orphanage. Captain Hook sneaks inside the house and kidnaps Peter's children. Now Peter has to rescue his children, but it will be difficult because he cannot remember anything in Never Land.


Character's name Portrayed by
Peter Banning Robin Williams
Captain Hook Dustin Hoffman
Tinker Bell Julia Roberts
Jack Banning Charlie Korsmo
Maggie Banning Amber Scott
Mr. Smee Bob Hoskins
Moira Banning Caroline Goodall
Wendy Darling Maggie Smith
Rufio Dante Basco

In Other Languages

Language Title
Portuguese Hook: A Volta do Capitão Gancho
Japanese フック
Chinese 鐵鈎船長
Korean 후크

Production timeline

  • 1989: Originally titled as another film named after "Peter Pan", the film's final title was changed to "Hook" by Ian Rathbone. In addition, Paramount was originally the distributor for the film, but sold the rights to Tristar Pictures.
  • February 19, 1991: Filming began on this date.

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA December 11, 1991
VHS USA July 24, 1992
VHS UK October 1992
VHS Japan December 21, 1992
VHS South Korea January 1993
DVD USA March 21, 2000
DVD UK April 24, 2000
DVD South Korea June 15, 2000
DVD Japan April 19, 2002
DVD (Superbit Collection) USA September 9, 2003
Digital Download USA November 12, 2010
Blu-ray Disc UK October 3, 2011
Blu-ray Disc USA November 1, 2011
Blu-ray Disc Japan November 23, 2011
Digital HD USA November 1, 2012





Rank of worldwide release 31.png
Rank of release in North America 27.png
Rank of release on VHS worldwide 28.png
Rank of release on VHS in North America 24.png
Rank of release on DVD worldwide 22.png
Rank of release on DVD in North America 20.png
Rank of release on Blu-ray Disc worldwide 62.png
Rank of release on Blu-ray Disc in North America 59.png

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