Your favorite Ice Age heroes are back and cooler than ever in this all-new animated adventure that's mammoth-sized fun for the whole family! Scrat's epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe, where he accidentally triggers a series of cosmic events that threaten the Ice Age world. Now the entire herd -- including Buck, Manny, Ellie, Sid and Diego -- must work together on a hilarious journey filled with nonstop action and colorful new characters, in order to survive the global Scrat-tastrophe!


In Other Languages

Language Title
Spanish La Era de Hielo 5: Choque de Mundos
Portuguese A Era do Gelo 5: O Big Bang
Chinese 冰原歷險記5:笑星撞地球
Korean 아이스 에이지 5: 지구 대충돌

Production timeline

  • December 20, 2013: Ice Age 5 was announced on this date, scheduled for release on July 15, 2016, pushing Anubis back to March 23, 2018, while Ferdinand stayed at April 7, 2017. From then on until August 23, 2016 (one month after Ice Age 5 hit theaters), no more new films were announced.
  • June 9, 2015: Ice Age 5 was officially titled "Ice Age: Collision Course".

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Teaser trailer Worldwide December 15, 2015
Original theatrical USA July 22, 2016
DVD/Blu-ray Disc/4K Ultra HD USA October 11, 2016

Home video timeline

Main article: Home video timeline for the Ice Age series




Trailers for Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age Collision Course Teaser Trailer HD FOX Family

The teaser trailer for Ice Age: Collision Course, as seen on The Peanuts Movie, The Good Dinosaur (starting on December 18, 2015), and Seasons 1-5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Ice Age Collision Course Official Trailer HD FOX Family

The official trailer for Ice Age: Collision Course, as seen on Zootopia and Seasons 1-5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Ice Age Collision Course Final Trailer HD FOX Family

The final trailer for Ice Age: Collision Course, as seen on The Angry Birds Movie, Finding Dory and Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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