Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library
Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

Kidsongs: I Can Dance! was released in Audio CD and Cassette formats on February 24, 1998, along its VHS release.

The soundtrack was released on iTunes in Digital MP3 format in late 2011, and later uploaded to YouTube on September 29, 2014.


  1. I Can Dance!   
  2. Dancing in the Street   
  3. Charleston   
  4. Don't You Just Love to Waltz?   
  5. Twist and Shout   
  6. Mexican Hat Dance   
  7. Yellow Rose of Texas
  8. Come on and Conga   
  9. Barefootin'   
  10. Country Kid   
  11. Mashed Potato Time   
  12. Turkey in the Straw   
  13. The Way You Walk   
  14. At the Hop