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Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library


Join the Kidsongs Kids and the Biggles and learn some new dance moves with this upbeat kids' dance video. You'll be doing the Charleston, the Twist, and the Waltz, not to mention forming a Conga line and Barefottin' at the beach. Put on your cowboy boots for a line dance, jitterbug at a '50s diner, and rock it out on main street in this sing along dance-athon.


  1. I Can Dance!
  2. Dancing in the Street (also seen on Episodes 307, 312 and 320)
  3. Charleston (also seen on Episodes 303, 311 and 318)
  4. Don't You Just Love the Waltz? (also seen on Episodes 303 and 313)
  5. Twist and Shout (also seen on Episodes 307 and 317)
  6. Mexican Hat Dance (also seen on Episodes 304 and 314)
  7. The Yellow Rose of Texas (also seen on Episodes 304, 312 and 317)
  8. Come On and Conga (also seen on Episodes 304, 309 and 317)
  9. Barefootin' (also seen on Episodes 306, 314 and 318)
  10. Mashed Potato Time (also seen on Episodes 307 and 320)
  11. At the Hop (also seen on Episodes 303, 307 and 318)
  12. I Can Dance! (Reprise)