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If We Could Talk to the Animals was the 15th and last Kidsongs video made with only children and adults before The Kidsongs Television Show premiered on PBS stations, having been released in October 1993.

Unlike other Kidsongs titles, If We Could Talk to the Animals retained the KidVision cover art when Sony Wonder re-released it in 1997.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to talk to animals? The Kidsongs Kids learn to chat with a chimpanzee, giggle with a guinea pig and discuss in rhinoceros. Elephants and eagles, buffaloes and beagles and many more animals join the cast of this animal adventure. With some music, magic and imagination, you too will be singing and laughing along with a merry menagerie of animal friends.


  • Mario "Boo" Bailey (only appearance)
  • Matthew Bartilson (first appearance)
  • Christian Buenaventura (third appearance)
  • Tiffany Burton (first appearance)
  • Yvette Flores (only appearance)
  • Bianca Hall (only appearance)
  • Tyler Harris (only appearance)
  • Lauren Jackson (third appearance)
  • Michael Lloyd, Jr. (only appearance)
  • Megan Miyahira (first appearance)
  • Michelle Montoya (third appearance)
  • Alexandra Picatto/Palm (first appearance)
  • Katie Polk (sixth appearance)
  • Shira Roth (third appearance)
  • Chad Seltzer (second appearance)
  • Kyle Stanley (first appearance)
  • Marvin Walker (only appearance)
  • Danny Zavatsky (third appearance)


  • Mom - Mary Bartram
  • Farmer - Weston Nathanson
  • Farmer's Wife - Wendy Loyan
  • Ranger Bob - Michael Bennett


  1. Hound Dog (also seen on Episodes 110, 125, 214 and 308)
  2. (If We Could) Talk to the Animals (also seen on Episodes 103, 117, 126 and 211)
  3. Five Little Monkeys (also seen on Episodes 114, 121, 129 and 313)
  4. Raccoon & Possum (also seen on Episodes 111, 125, 218 and 316)
  5. Over in the Meadow (also seen on Episodes 109 and 121)
  6. The Bear Went Over the Mountain (also seen on Episodes 108, 121 and 203)
  7. Farmer in the Dell (also seen on Episodes 102, 114, 122 and 308)
  8. The Kickin' Mule (also seen on Episodes 105, 122, 206 and 316)
  9. The Old Hen (also seen on Episodes 105, 123 and 211)
  10. See Ya Later Alligator (also seen on Episodes 101, 113, 210 and 313)