Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library
Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

These easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to sing classic songs will be an instant favorite CD for your home or car. Includes 12 classic Kidsongs you'll enjoy singing with your whole family. Great for parties too! Also includes a DVD of the Kidsongs TV Show episode, "Let's Make Music", which will encourage your kids musical talents while learning some percussion basics from legendary artist Sheila E.


  1. Alouette
  2. Simon Says
  3. Mexican Hat Dance
  4. The Yellow Rose Of Texas
  5. Come On And Conga
  6. Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
  7. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
  8. Pat-A-Cake
  9. London Bridge
  10. Home On The Range
  11. Michael Finnegan
  12. Join The Band