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Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

After production ended in 1989-1990, Very Silly Songs was released on VHS in January 1991. While this happened, any further re-prints of all Kidsongs videos contained a promo for all 12 titles up to date.

This was the first Kidsongs music video episode that was filmed at Universal Studios, Hollywood.


Join the Kidsongs Kids on a magical trip to places where everyone and everything is silly. Meet a whale with a polka dot tail, a pig with a wig, and a goat in a boat. Dance along with a comical orangutan and a cute and friendly purple people eater who wants to be a rock star. Giggle along with a cast of silly characters and sing along with the fun.


  • Tyler Andreassen (second appearance)
  • Rebecca Andreassen (first appearance)
  • Ori Blumenfeld (only appearance)
  • Daniell Bosette (only appearance)
  • Portia Bowman (only appearance)
  • Miyoko Chilombo (first appearance)
  • Noah Congelliere (only appearance)
  • Timothy and Patrick Cool (only appearance)
  • Jenna Dickman (first appearance)
  • Darlene Garcia (only appearance)
  • Veena Goel (only appearance)
  • Patricia Gonzalez (first appearance)
  • Sean Gowers (second appearance)
  • Jason Haskel (only appearance)
  • Hillary Hollingsworth (fourth appearance)
  • Teddy Lee (only appearance)
  • Cara LeJuene (only appearance)
  • Thomas Mattson (only appearance)
  • Mac May (first appearance)
  • Rashona and Shalana Miller (only appearance)
  • Jamie Mutter (only appearance)
  • Katie Polk (third appearance)
  • Garrett Quillin (only appearance)
  • Janessa Ray (first appearance)
  • Ariki Rice (only appearance)
  • Brian Rosenstein (second appearance)
  • Andrea Schuette (third appearance)
  • Bre Seltzer (first appearance)
  • Miles Young (only appearance)
  • Terrence (T.) Williams (third appearance)


  • Silly Willy - Russ "Pete" Fremin
  • Silly Jilly - Mary Bartram
  • Wife - Claudia Saldivar
  • Junkman - Stan Yale
  • Professor Quackenbush - Kerry "Sloan" Fischer
  • Mrs. Daffodilly - Lillian Byrd
  • Michael Finnegan - Gaston la Franche
  • Mailman - John David
  • Farmer Phil - Don Mincey
  • Old Man with a Watch of Gold - Silenus Honey
  • Baker - Gary J. Raymond
  • Man on Stilts - Gary Morgan
  • Painter - John Stark
  • Flower Lady - Judi Stewart
  • Cop - J.R. Patterson
  • Mom - Carol Huth


  1. The Name Game (also seen on Episodes 102, 115 and 213)
  2. Down By The Bay (also seen on Episodes 101, 110, 125 and 310)
  3. Rig-A-Jig-Jig (also seen on Episodes 108, 124, 212 and 318)
  4. Mail Myself To You (also seen on Episodes 105, 118, 127 and 319)
  5. Purple People Eater (also seen on Episodes 105, 119, 128 and 313)
  6. Fiddle-I-Dee (also seen on Episodes 101, 119, 124 and 308)
  7. The Thing (also seen on Episodes 106, 115, 127 and 320)
  8. Jim Along Josie (also seen on Episodes 108, 118, 128 and 317)
  9. Michael Finnegan (also seen on Episodes 105, 117, 126 and 317)
  10. Do The Silly Willy (also seen on Episodes 102 and 123)


In the album, the arrangement is in its very special order:

  • Some of the instruments like the piano, sax, xylophone, and horns are moved to the center.
  • The drumset and percussion have more boost.
  • In the 2002 CD version of "Down By the Bay" the tune has a lower pitch of -1.
  • The bass drum's smack was heard at the very end of the fourth track: "Mail Myself to You".
  • The Roland D-50 Patch Breathing Pipe was used for the fife, in which it is mixed louder unlike the other instruments.
  • In "Fiddle-I-Dee", the words "Yee-haw" were eliminated.