Dream Land's in trouble... AGAIN! Kirby's back for more action in the latest chapter of the Dream Land saga. This time, though, Kirby has more help than he knows what to do with. In addition to his old pals Rick the hamster, Coo the owl and Kine the fish, there are three new friends to assist Kirby (not to mention Gooey, his blobby little sidekick). With all those friends, two-player simultaneous play and many other helpful surprises, Kirby should have no trouble saving Dream Land again, right? Not if King Dedede has anything to say about it!

In Other Languages

Language Title Translation
Japanese 星のカービィ3 Kirby of the Stars 3

Release timeline

Console Country of origin Date
Super NES USA November 27, 1997
Super NES Japan March 27, 1998
Wii USA January 5, 2009
Wii Japan April 28, 2009
Wii UK July 24, 2009
Wii U Japan May 8, 2013
Wii U USA May 23, 2013
Wii U UK July 25, 2013

Like Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, this game had problems converting from NTSC to PAL, and therefore was originally unreleased in Europe.





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