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One day in the peaceful kingdom of Dream Land, Kirby was out for a stroll when he spotted his favorite food, a bright red tomato, sitting on top of a bush. As soon as he tried to swallow the tomato, though, a caped sorcerer appeared! "Hey! That’s my magic Metamato!" the sorcerer shouted. But Kirby gulped the Metamato right down! Just then, a white sock around the sorcerer’s neck began to glow…and Kirby was sucked right into the sock! It took Kirby a moment to realize that somehow the sock had transported him to a world made completely of cloth and yarn. And to his great surprise, he saw that his whole body was made out of yarn! Then Kirby noticed a yarn monster chasing a blue yarn boy! Kirby transformed into a car and saved the boy from the monster. Apparently, that strange Metamato gave Kirby the power to seamlessly transform into a car and…who knows what else? The blue yarn boy said his name was Fluff and that he was the prince of Patch Land. Prince Fluff explained that he was on a journey to stitch the continents of Patch Land back together after they had been torn apart by Yin-Yarn the Sorcerer. When Kirby heard this, he decided to help Prince Fluff save Patch Land and destroy the evil Yin-Yarn!

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese 毛糸のカービィ
Korean 털실 커비 이야기

Release Dates

June 15, 2010 E3 teaser trailer
September 15, 2010 Launch trailer
October 14, 2010 Original Japanese version
October 17, 2010 U.S. version
February 25, 2011 PAL version
September 1, 2011 Korean version

In the PAL version, exactly like in many other franchises on DVD, CD-ROM games, and even on television, Kirby's Epic Yarn has a British narrator doing all the lines in the cutscenes.



  • Prima Games has released an Essential Guide book for this game on the same day when it was released. It is 192 pages long, and is spiral-bound. The book was available for pre-order since September 2010, and went on sale through 2013.


Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer
Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer
Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer 2
Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer 2
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