Kirby confronts his ultimate evil eNeMeE in a battle to save Dream Land! Is this Kirby's final battle? Will this be the end of Dream Land? When a fleet of mysterious spaceships attacks Dreamland, Kirby embarks on a nerve-shattering journey into deep space and confronts his ultimate nightmare, the diabolical eNeMeE. Can Kirby defeat the dark force of eNeMeE's malevolent mindspace, or will eNeMeE realize his devilish dream of total domination?

DVD Supplements

After inserting the disc, you will see the FBI warning screen, the 2005 4Kids Entertainment logo, the Funimation Entertainment logo, a preview for One Piece, then the main menu.

There is no chapter menu in this DVD. However, the movie is split into 19 scenes, including the end credits. In addition, there are no subtitles, even though the DVD is claimed to have subtitles.

The bonus features are:

  • Bonus Episode: "Hour of the Wolfwrath" (21:15)
  • Music Episode: "What's Cooking on Kirby" (1:00)
  • Music Episode: "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Eat 'Em" (0:30)

The "4Kids Extras" consist of previews from other titles released by 4Kids Entertainment. They are for Sonic X Vol. 6: Countdown to Chaos, Sonic X Vol. 7: Revenge of the Robot, Winx Club, and a promo.

On September 12, 2009, this movie aired on The CW4Kids, as a Popcorn for Breakfast movie. It was the last installment any Kirby fan would see on television. This version of the film had several scenes cut out for time constraints.


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