The first single album for the Kirby of the Stars anime contained only two songs, both with and without the vocals.


1. Kirby March

  • This song serves as the opening theme to the first two seasons (episodes 1-71) since October 6, 2001, in its premiere on Japanese television.
  • Performed by: Xiang Qi
  • An early English language translation of this opening animation appeared at Kirby's Rainbow Resort on October 21, 2004.

2. First Draw a Circle

  • On every episode with the Kirby March theme song shown above, the closing credits of those episodes each also have this song.
  • Performed by: Xiang Qi
  • Ivyna J. Spyder uploaded the first video of this song on YouTube on May 17, 2006. The description comments of this video were, "'First you draw a circle...' Reminds ya of the beginning of Kirby's Adventure, doesn't it? XD"

3. Kirby March (Karaoke)

  • This single album also features instrumental versions of both songs, simply just without the vocals.

4. First Draw a Circle (Karaoke)

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