Popstar was always a nice place to be. Kirby napped on a cloud quite peacefully. But he suddenly woke as Waddle Dee scurried by. Then King Dedede -- what a suspicious guy! They were headed for Dreamland, Kirby's own home. But what were they doing? He didn't quite know. Kirby hopped on a Warpstar to go check it out. But when he reached Dreamland, he let out a shout! "No stars in the sky? What's going on?" King Dedede stole them, and now they're all gone! He must have been jealous of that lovely night sky. Who can get the stars back? Kirby must try!

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese コロコロカービィ

Release Dates

August 26, 2000 Original Japanese version
April 9, 2001 U.S. version

How to Play

  • Kirby is controlled using accelerometers. In this game, you tilt the Game Boy Color in the direction where Kirby should move. There are three bosses to defeat -- Orbservor (from Worlds 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7), Kracko (from Worlds 3 and 6), and King Dedede (from World 8).





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