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Twilight Sparkle's Retro Media Library

Season 1 (1987-1988)

Kidsongs made its television debut on first-run syndication on September 19, 1987. Distributed by Orbis Entertainment, the show comprised of 26 half-hour episodes, each with eight randomly selected songs from the first generation videos. These episodes originally aired through March 12, 1988.

The episode list consists of:

  1. Our First TV Show!
  2. Let's Sing American Songs
  3. Studio Fun
  4. We've Got This Down
  5. We're On a Roll
  6. Classic Kid's Songs
  7. What's at #1?
  8. Songs & Games
  9. Practice Makes Perfect
  10. Let's Count 'em Down
  11. Music Video Madness
  12. Let's Get Moving
  13. Made By Kids
  14. For Kids & Starring Kids
  15. It's Sing-a-Long Time!
  16. It's a Kid's World
  17. We Want Our Kidsongs
  18. Kidsongs Rocks
  19. What's Climbing Up the Charts?
  20. Hits, Classics & Sing-Alongs
  21. Join in the Sing-Along Fun
  22. School Days
  23. We Love Our Kidsongs
  24. Livin' in the USA
  25. Counting Down the Chart
  26. It's a Wrap!

The complete series aired once a week every Saturday morning for two years, for a total of four runs on syndication. The first episode reran on March 19, 1988, September 17, 1988, and March 18, 1989.

After 1989, the Kidsongs TV Show moved to The Disney Channel, where it would be broadcast there during the series' next generation. Since then, broadcasts of the show were occasional. The Disney Channel stopped airing The Kidsongs TV Show in 1992, before the third and last generation began.

The Kidsongs TV Show was broadcast on these affiliates:

  • New York City, NY - WNBC (Channel 4)
  • Boston, MA - WBZ (Channel 4)
  • Albany, NY - WNYT (Channel 13)

Season 2 (1994)

Production of a brand-new Kidsongs television series began in late 1993, after If We Could Talk to the Animals.

Distributed by American Public Television and produced by PBS station WTTW Chicago, The Kidsongs Television Show began broadcasting on 80% of all PBS stations as of April 4, 1994. 30 episodes were made during the first season.

Starting with the TV series, Billy Biggle was introduced as a permanent Kidsongs character, then later, Ruby Biggle, almost halfway through the season. There were also some new kids helping out with production of the show, but like the syndicated TV series, there were no new songs; just the ones from 1985 to 1993.

The episode list consists of:

  1. Alligator on the Loose
  2. A Fish Story
  3. Billy's Tummy Ache
  4. Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!
  5. The Mail Must Go Through
  6. Teamwork
  7. Where in the World is Billy Biggle?
  8. Katie's Little Lie
  9. Just a Little Magic
  10. Pizza, Pizza
  11. Just a Little Bit of History
  12. Circus Day
  13. I Can't Play Sports
  14. A Community Assignment
  15. Dinosaur Day
  16. Around the World in 30 Minutes
  17. Megan's Bad Day
  18. Safety First
  19. Recycled TV
  20. Professor Majorchord's Music Lesson
  21. Change for the Better
  22. Weather Biggle
  23. Olympian Dreams
  24. Wild West Fever
  25. Responsibility
  26. Birthday Blues
  27. Aviation Adventures
  28. Sign Language Communication
  29. I Need a Little Pasta
  30. A Kidsongs Kids' Best Friend

The Kidsongs Holiday Special (1994)

Aired on PBS on December 10, 1994 at 5:00 p.m. during a pledge drive was the Kidsongs Holiday Special, and was hosted by Billy and Ruby Biggle. This TV special generally contained songs from the video "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

Season 3 (1995)

Upon completion of five more Kidsongs home video episodes, another season of The Kidsongs Television Show premiered on PBS in October 1995 with 20 episodes. This season featured new kids and some returning from Season 2. In addition, Sing-a-Long with Billy was renamed Billy & Ruby's Sing & Play-Along. The season completed production on August 16, 1995.

The episode list consists of:

  1. Transportation
  2. Give My Regards to Broadway
  3. Man's Best Friend
  4. Let's Dance
  5. La La Bamba
  6. Where Oh Where Has My Little Bike Gone
  7. Alex Alex Alex
  8. Garage Sale
  9. Here, Kitty Kitty
  10. Mind Your Manners
  11. I Have an Idea
  12. Share and Share Alike
  13. Collector's Item
  14. Fiddle Me This
  15. All the News That's Fit
  16. Circle of Life
  17. Practice, Practice, Practice
  18. Reach for the Stars
  19. Playing Favorites
  20. They Raise Horses, Don't They?

Season 4 (1997)

After production of another two Kidsongs home video titles, a third season of The Kidsongs Television Show was made, and it premiered on PBS stations on October 6, 1997. This was the last official season to air on PBS, and the only one to feature Biggleland itself. Unlike the first two seasons, this one also includes the Sony Wonder, WTTW Chicago and American Program Service logos.

The episode list consists of:

  1. All Together Now
  2. Gone to the Dogs
  3. Put Your Dancin' Shoes On
  4. Bang Your Drum Loudly
  5. What I Want to Be
  6. Let's Go Barefootin'
  7. It's 60's Day
  8. A Doggone Great Day
  9. Working Together
  10. Water World
  11. Practice Makes Perfect
  12. We Are Family
  13. Let's Look It Up
  14. Brady "Safety" Kimball
  15. Throwing Curve Balls
  16. Went to the Animal Fair
  17. Billy's Doctor Visit
  18. Aloha, Biggleland
  19. Monster Truck Day
  20. Dream On

During the end credits of the series finale is a shortened version of the song "Barefootin'".

Music Video Shows (1998-1999)

After the Kidsongs Television Show officially ended with 70 episodes, ten of the 24 home video episodes aired on PBS as special presentations in 1998. They were:

  1. I Can Put on a Show!
  2. I Can Bop with the Biggles!
  3. Very Silly Songs
  4. I Can Go to the Country!
  5. I Can Sing Baby Animal Songs!
  6. I Can Dance!
  7. A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm
  8. I Can Do It!
  9. If We Could Talk to the Animals
  10. Adventures in Biggleland: Billy's Birthday

A few of these episodes also contained segments from "Meet the Biggles". For example, A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm added in "Alouette". These episodes aired again from May 23 to July 25, 1999.

As the series officially came to an end (although us viewers weren't aware of that), these were Billy and Ruby Biggle's apparently last words:

  • Billy Biggle: Hey, kids, wasn't it fun singing and dancing and playing along with Kidsongs? I had so much fun, I'm feeling silly! I hope you had a lot of fun too!
  • Ruby Biggle: I sure did! I can't wait till next time when we can sing and dance and play some more!
  • Billy and Ruby: See ya! Bye!