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You'll need lightning-fast reactions to get out of this pipeline adventure alive! Mario and Luigi are doing some underground plumbing when all sorts of weird creatures come flying out of the pipes. Turtles, crabs -- even fighterflies -- attack the helpless Mario Bros. It's up to you to kick, punch and knock out these sewer pests before time runs out! But beware. Just when you think you got rid of them, they come back for more! Play against the computer, or with a friend -- either way, this is one underground classic you'll want to play time and time again!

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese マリオブラザーズ

Release timeline

Console Release date Country of origin
Second-generation arcade April 4, 1983 USA
June 1983 Japan
Nes logo.png September 9, 1983 Japan
June 23, 1986 USA
September 1, 1986 UK
e-Reader November 11, 2002 USA
Gameboyadvance logo.png May 21, 2004 Japan
Wii logo1.jpg November 19, 2006 USA
December 8, 2006 UK
December 12, 2006 Japan
December 30, 2008 South Korea
Nintendo3ds logo.jpg May 8, 2013 Japan
January 9, 2014 UK
January 30, 2014 USA
WiiU logo.jpg May 29, 2013 Japan
June 20, 2013 USA




Original arcade version

These screenshots were uploaded to TMK on August 14, 2000.

NES version



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