Grab your friends and family and captain the crew to victory!

The party is back and bigger than ever in the Mario Party 9 game for Wii, featuring all-new ways to play! For the first time in the franchise, boss battles crash the party and challenge players to compete to defeat a common enemy. In addition, players now travel across stages together in a vehicle towards a common goal -- overcoming obstacles, battling bosses, and collecting Mini Stars stolen by Bowser and his minions. Featuring 80 new minigames, adventurous new stages, and all-new ways to play that blend cooperative and competitive action for up to four players, Mario Party 9 is the perfect way to get the party started.

Note: This came from the official Nintendo website since January 2012.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese マリオパーティ9
Korean 마리오 파티 9

Release Dates

March 2, 2012 PAL version
March 11, 2012 U.S. version
April 26, 2012 Japanese version
April 11, 2013 Korean version






Wii - Mario Party 9 E3 Trailer


Wii - Mario Party 9 Trailer


Wii - Mario Party 9 Story and Bosses Trailer

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