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Join the "practically perfect" Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) for a "Jolly Holiday" as she magically turns every chore into a game and every day into a whimsical adventure. Along the way, you'll be enchanted by unforgettable characters such as the multitalented chimney sweep Bert (Dick Van Dyke). You won't need a "Spoonful Of Sugar" to love every moment of this timeless Disney classic!


  • Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins
  • Dick Van Dyke as Bert / Mr. Dawes Sr.
  • David Tomlinson as George Banks.
  • Glynis Johns as Winifred Banks
  • Hermione Baddeley as Ellen
  • Karen Dotrice as Jane Banks
  • Matthew Garber as Michael Banks
  • Elsa Lanchester as Katie Nanna
  • Arthur Treacher as Constable Jones
  • Reginald Owen as Admiral Boom
  • Ed Wynn as Uncle Albert
  • Reta Shaw as Mrs. Brill
  • Don Barclay as Mr. Binnacle
  • Marjorie Bennett as Miss Lark
  • Arthur Malet as Mr. Dawes Jr.
  • Jane Darwell as the "Bird Woman"

In Other Languages

Language Title
Japanese メリー・ポピンズ
Chinese 歡樂滿人間
Korean 메리 포핀스
Thai แมรี่ ป๊อปปิ้นส์

Production timeline

  • May–September 1963: Filming occurred between these dates.

Release timeline

Format Country of origin Date
Original theatrical USA August 27, 1964
Re-issue in theaters USA May 23, 1980
VHS USA December 30, 1980
VHS re-release USA December 3, 1985
VHS UK November 3, 1986
VHS Japan April 25, 1989
VHS South Korea November 1990
VHS (THX-certified) USA August 26, 1997
VHS (THX-certified) UK February 2, 1998
DVD USA March 24, 1998
DVD Japan May 25, 1998
VHS (THX-certified) Japan April 23, 1999
DVD re-release (Gold Collection edition) USA July 4, 2000
VHS (THX-certified) South Korea November 12, 2001
DVD re-release Japan February 21, 2003
DVD South Korea June 2, 2003
DVD (40th Anniversary Edition) USA December 14, 2004
DVD (45th Anniversary Edition) USA January 27, 2009
DVD/Blu-ray Disc (50th Anniversary version) USA December 10, 2013

Home video timeline





Digital Video


"Mary Poppins - 50th Anniversary Edition" - Blu-ray Trailer

"Mary Poppins - 50th Anniversary Edition" - Blu-ray Trailer

Trailer for the 50th Anniversary Edition, as seen on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

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