Bonus material

  • Matilda's Movie about Making Matilda
  • Matilda's Movie Magic
  • A Children's Guide to Good Manners
  • Escape to the Library!
  • Matilda Read-Along 
  • Classroom Games: Math Game and Spelling Bee 
  • A Truly Terrible Test!
  • Make Magic with Matilda! 
  • Terrify the Trunchbull!
  • The Matilda character gallery
  • Get Rid Of Mrs. Trunchbull! - Trivia Game
  • Bonus Trailers

Chapter Index

  1. Start
  2. A Rather Extraordinary Child
  3. "Send Me On My Way"
  4. In Search of a Book
  5. Her First Practical Advice
  6. Hair Tonic
  7. Wormwood Motors 
  8. Cafe Le Ritz
  9. The Million Dollar Sticky 
  10. Crunchem Hall
  11. Amanda Thripp
  12. Miss Honey
  13. Miss Honey Pays a Visit
  14. Bruce Bogtrotter
  15. The Newt
  16. Miss Honey's Story
  17. Afraid of Black Cats
  18. "Let's Go Get Your Doll"
  19. The Chase 
  20. "Little Bitty Pretty One"
  21. Lissy Doll 
  22. Terrifying Miss Trunchbull
  23. No More Miss Nice Girl
  24. "A Child Was in My House!"
  25. Haunted Chalkboard
  26. Trunchbull Goes for a Spin
  27. Pelting the Trunchbull
  28. Adopting Matilda

Special features

  1. Matilda: The Movie Read-Along - Have the narrator read the story based on the film to you or read on your own.
  2. Featurettes
  3. Games
  4. Matilda: the Movie Character Gallery
  5. Trailers


  • Matilda's Movie Magic - Throughout the film, you will see a red Magic Ribbon on the screen. When it appears, click on it to see a short featurette about the part of the film you are currently watching. Plus, these featurettes are in widescreen format.
  • A Children's Guide to Good Manners (3:12) - This featurette is in widescreen format.
  • Escape to the Library (5:48) - Also in widescreen format.
  • My Movie About Making Matilda: by Mara Wilson (6:27) - In full screen format.

Character Gallery

  • Matilda Wormwood
  • Miss Honey
  • Miss Trunchbull
  • Harry Wormwood
  • Zinnia Wormwood

Each contains a photo of the character, and a 3-page description of that character.


  • A Truly Terrible Test! - Miss Trunchbull's twin sister, an evil version of Regis Philbin, hosts this game. Most questions are fairly easy, while the ones from the "hardest" level (Deviously Nasty) are filled with brain teasers/riddles.
  • Classroom Games - There are two games to choose from here: Spelling Bee and Math Magic.
  • Get Rid of Miss Trunchbull! Trivia Game
  • Make Magic with Matilda!
  • Terrify the Trunchbull!


  • Stuart Little 3 (1:22)
  • Zathura (2:32) - Presented in widescreen mixed with a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack.
  • Jumanji: Deluxe Edition (0:54)
  • Daddy Day Care (2:13) - Like the Zathura trailer, it also has 5.1 surround sound.


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